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Have you added running lights? Headlamps? Perhaps some spinners?
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By A13A15
looking for the following:

Real led headlights with glass covering
Police lights
Real strobes
Under carriage lights
Side marker lights
Fog lights
Light bar for front grill and top of seat
Led strip for front and back
Real radio
Brake lights
Air horn
Upgraded battery with a way to increase speed over time
Rubber for tires
Separate switches for all lights plus a master switch.
Real gauges
Wiring diagrams if possible

How to connect all of this and should use a separate battery or integrate with existing.

Thanks I’m advance

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By MacroscopePilot
well the answer to most of the questions is Amazon or eBay
I recycle a lots of real world equipment to use in projects like this
(tho I question your desire for 'real glass' anything on a toy like this...)

all the wiring diagrams are here on the site, if you ask a specific question about the circuit, someone will post a link to the relevant diagram

Rather than hit us with a million questions, why not start with the one that inspires/troubles you the most?
what do you want to start on first? (as your list seems like just a normal upgrade list to me, ha ha)
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By A13A15
To make it simpler

I would like to start with headlights. Looks like everyone has some sort of glass or plastic covering over LED bulbs. Makes the jeep look very authentic as opposed to an un covered LED So if I'm starting with this as the beginning of my project. Please tell me where I can get the plastic coverings for the lights?

Also what is the best option regarding Batteries. Should I tap into the existing battery or should I guy a different battery for the LED?

Thanks In advance
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By MacroscopePilot
after doing a quick google search to se what your jeep looke like

it looks like it has awesome lenses already, you would just need to add a bulb behind it, much like I just did in my Barbie Build

I had these really cool LED marker lights, but the mounting was just so big and ugly,
then i had the bright idea to mount them from behind
so i grabbed my square drill bit and did my best to mount them in the factory locations
the next was the Headlights, so easy with the supplied clear lenses
I found these cool dashboard LED replacement lights and removed the mounting cap
then i just hot glue them in place, only drilling little holes for the wire leads to poke trough
I added some clips to protect the delicate connections from 'mistakes'
the end results look better in the picture than in real life, as you can see the bright spot where the LEDs are, but it still looks cool/realistic
if you look really closely you can see how I covered the bolts that hold the marker lights in with matching pink nail polish
to give it that 'plastic toy' look

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