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Have you added running lights? Headlamps? Perhaps some spinners?
By nikg
As of January 2014 I am no longer able to make any new kits. If this situation changes then I will update the thread

What's included? -- fuse protected wiring harness, illuminated round rocker switch (red, blue or green), light units, all connectors are plug-n-play.

How are they powered? -- off your 12v system. T-taps provided to tap into existing system. You can also run them off a aux. 12v battery. If you have a 6v machine or just don't want to tap your wiring, I also have 8AA battery holders available for an extra charge.

Will it fit my vehicle? -- the original kit was fit to a standard Jeep, but the wiring provided makes it possible to fit most all other vehicles. If you have any special requirements, then let me know. For instance, you want the switch in the dash but the battery is under the seat instead of under the hood.

How long will it take to install? -- Ranges from 30 min for simple glow installation to several hours for a full kit installation. The time depends on how much of the vehicle you need to take apart and put back together. I will email you detailed instructions with pictures of my original install on a Jeep. You may have to adapt the installation depending on your vehicle, but the basic ideas are the same.

What colors of glow are offered? -- I have Red, Blue, Green, Hot Purple, Purple, Hot Pink and Amber/Yellow glow.

How much do they cost? -- For members of this site, pricing follows. All prices are for a full kit and include shipping to the 48 states. (HL=headlights, TL=tail lights, GL=glow)
GL -- $22 (add $4 for combo colors)
HL/TL -- $34
HL/TL/GL -- $38

How do I pay you? -- I usually do Paypal.

Other Notes:
*Regular glow is 3-LED's per side. Double the amount to 6 per side for $2 more.
*The kits are expandable, so if you decide later that you want more lights it is not a problem.

These are the most common questions. If you have others then please post them or PM me.

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By nikg
The kit formerly pictured in this post is no longer accurate.
Please PM me for information on the kits.
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By nikg
EDIT -- I now have red and green plastic lens switches. I also have black switches with a blue LED dot. All switches are round and illuminated.
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By patrick
Hey nikg,

Any update and pics on these kits?
Looking at my first pw jeep project and this might be a good route, esp for my first time.

By nikg

PM me for more details. I do have things ready to go right now, just not everything. Still waiting on a shipment of a few supplies.

By Ba2k3
What is the dimensions on the square headlights and round tail lights? I'd like to put them in a turbo corvette. Would the headlights conform to the style of the body or are they flat square?
By nikg
Ba2k3 -- PM sent...quick answer is yes to the headlights.

chasejns1 -- If you order a kit from me then I will include complete instructions with detailed pictures. The instructions and pictures are specific to the kit and were made as I actually installed lights on a Jeep. As of right now I do not have a video. I suppose I could make a short video, but I haven't done much web video or editing.
By nikg
Here are some pictures of the lights. These represent a few variations, but if you let me know what you want I can do just about anything as long as they are in groups of 3. You can mount these behind plastic to hide the strips or behind lenses.
IMGA0470.JPG (109.64 KiB) Viewed 33831 times
IMGA0471.JPG (110.92 KiB) Viewed 33831 times
IMGA0477.JPG (108.88 KiB) Viewed 33831 times
IMGA0478.JPG (114.53 KiB) Viewed 33831 times
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By nikg
Information from this post is now updated in first post
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By nikg
I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture...tried to put the measuring tape there for reference. If you are talking about the 12-LED panel it is about 2 inches
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By nikg
Random -- I can make you 12 inch red glow strips if you want, but the only ones I have with the micro LED's are blue. With the standard LED's a 2-4" strip is just as bright as the 12" micro LED strip. PM me if you want to work out a custom kit and I will be glad to build it for you.

Ba2k3 -- I suppose the rounds could be used as tail lights behind a reflector, but I have not personally tried it. What kind of vehicle do you have? If it already has reflectors and you can see through them then I would say it would work. On a Jeep I have done red LED's in the tail lights and replaced the red plastic with clear "diamond" plastic that goes over flourescent lights. Bought a broken piece of it from Lowes for a couple bucks.
If you find something that you want me to incorporate then let me know. PM me if you want.
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By nikg
I am very excited!! I had installed a glow kit (12" micros) on the test Jeep, but until now I had not had a chance to try out the headlights, tail lights or smaller 2" glow strips. I did all that tonight and I was impressed with the output of these LED's. The 9-LED white headlights are not as directional as the 5mm LED's I used to use for headlights, but they give off plenty of light. I tested only one behind the original lens of the Jeep and it was bright even through the plastic. And when it was off you can't barely see the strips at all behind the plastic.
I thought the 2" strips would be good and they are. Dispersion of light is so broad that they pretty much match the output of the 12" micro LED strips. In my opinion there is no need for more than a 2" strip on each side, but some prefer more light and like the 4" strips.
Put a single 2" red strip behind the stock plastic red lens in the back, and same story. Plenty bright enough to be noticed with what I see as an added benefit of not having piercing red light in your eyes. They glow nice and bright without being annoying. If you want more intense tails, then I recommend some kind of clear lens.
The thing I like best is that this is completely stealth. The jeep looks totally unaltered with the LED's behind the stock gear. When you flip the switch, though, everything lights up beautifully.
a single 2" strip on this side...nice dispersion and saturation. Picture is underexposed to show color.
IMG_4502.JPG (466.42 KiB) Viewed 33708 times
headlight made of three 2" white strips. this is behind the original lens and is still very bright
IMG_4504.JPG (400.65 KiB) Viewed 33708 times
this is a SINGLE headlight behind the plastic car is about 6ft. away
IMG_4505.JPG (462.38 KiB) Viewed 33708 times
single 2" red strip behind original lens...nice glow...bright enough to do the tail light's job
IMG_4506.JPG (267.64 KiB) Viewed 33708 times
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By vedderman123
Holy Cow!! I'm going to need to get 2 sets for both my boys Jeeps! Very cool, awesome work. My one question and forgive me I'm totally new to the PW stuff and I'm just starting my research into lighting mods... but where do most people power them from?
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By Jayhawker
If you re using a small number of lights you can power off the original battery. I personally use a seconary battery because it simplifies charging, etc.
By nikg
vedderman123 -- These kits run off the original 12V battery. Included with each kit is a set of T-taps to tap the original wires. Alternately you could use a secondary 12v battery to run them. I also have 8AA holders that do work.
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By pmoran
Are you still offering kits through the forum or are you working through Ebay exclusivley. I am interested in a kit for my daughters Barbie Escalade. We just purchased it and I ordered one of those lits from Tiger Imports. Now I see that they aren't that good and way too expensive. Let me know. Thanks!! :mrgreen:
By nikg
pmoran -- PM me for details, but yes I am selling them only through this site actually. I am waiting on the eBay thing right now because I want to get feedback from members here first. Also, enough people have been placing orders with me so far to keep me busy. Send me a message and we can work something out.
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By nblondie
Are you still selling these?? I would possibly be interested in the
Headlight/Tail light Kit (9-LED headlights , 3 LED's per tail light) -- $24
I have the Barbie Take Along Tunes jeep, this will work for that?? Please let me know, thanks!
By nikg
Yes, I am still selling these kits. And yes it will work for that Jeep. The Jeep I used for the installation instructions is a unibody Jeep, so even the instructions should match your exact vehicle. The only difference is the Jeep I used is a copper color Wrangler, but aside from the color all the unibody Jeeps are about the same.

PM me if you have questions or would like to order a kit.
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By wired
NIKG, I would stay away from those led strips with the small SMD's and black backing. They don't hold up well. The heat and cold plays havoc on the cheap IP waterproofing sealant that they use. It peels off and the LED's don't last long at all. I had some just sitting in my garage and they fell apart and quit working. It's all cheap chinese stuff. Stick with buying the complete 16ft rolls with at least a 3528 SMD. 5050 size SMD are more expensive but give off WAY more light. Just a heads up from someone who's been there. Good luck.
By nikg

Thanks for the heads-up. I am using 3528 strips in all the stuff now. The round panel headlights use 5050's. SMD's usually offer longer life spans than traditional 5mm LED's, and since the 3528's have only one chip per package versus three in the case of the 5050's I would think that they would last the longest. The IP coating on the 3528 strips appears to be very flexible and more jelly-like than on the micro 1210's, so it should hold up better.

UPDATE: I am currently freezing and thawing several glow units to find out what happens to them.
UPDATE: After about a dozen freeze, thaw cycles I saw no damage and the lights worked fine.
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By nblondie
Just wanted to let you know I sent payment to your paypal and also sent you an email. Thanks and can't wait to try them out! :-)
By fifthchild71
Hi, I am going to be buying either PW Police Cruiser or PW Escalade for my son's b-day. I would like to know how much the light set would be for either car and how I go about ordering the light set. Thank you for your time, Michelle.
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By nblondie
Got the lights today thanks! Having some problems with the painting so will probably be another week or two before we can try them out but can't wait to see them on her jeep!
By nikg
nblondie -- Glad to hear they got to you so quickly. I'm sure that you will find the help you need here in the forums as far as the paint is concerned. Hope all goes well.

By nikg
iDz Bowl -- Please do let me know how it works out for you; I really do want the feedback so I can give people an honest product that is easy to work with. You should have your kit within a few days.
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By iDz Bowl
I got the kit from Nik last week and everything turned out great. The install was fairly easy and he provided more than enough wiring to make it possible. I had a couple questions and he answered them quickly, it was a good experience. Maybe a good idea for you, Nik, would be to add a diagram to the wiring for the switch. I had no problem with it, but I can see someone else pluging it in three different ways until they got it right, lol. Thanks Nik!
By nikg
iDz -- Yeah, sorry about that. Forgot to send you the installation instructions via email. Those have all the connections and other vital information in words and pictures to go along with it. I have now made it my standard to send the instructions as soon as a payment is made so I don't forget.

If anybody places an order and does not get the instructions, then please PM me and I will get them to you.
By sliderz711
I too am very interested in a set of LED lights for my son's new Jeep Hurricane. Can you PM me what your set includes? Also, this is the newer Hurricane, so it has the cheesy stickers for taillights, so if you or anyone can help finding lens on this (what is the part number if HobbyMasters has it???) and I could add lights behind them.

By nikg
sliderz -- I have many options, but a kit will include any or all of the following: headlights, tail lights, underbody glow. I can also include additional light units for interior under-dash lighting or extra tail lights. I just sold a kit to a member for his Hurricane with headlights, glow and tail lights. I included an extra tail light unit for the middle because I believe the Hurricane has an extra brake light there. I think his had the stickers too. I am still waiting for some additional feedback from him as far as the tail lights and how he mounted them.

I'm sending you a PM right now so we can carry on the conversation further if you wish.

By Txcruiser2u
For those looking for a turn key set-up for LED lights for their PowerWheels, I highly recommend Nik. I messaged him a week or so again, wanting a custom kit for my sons Jeep Hurricane, he worked with me, understood what I wanted and got it to me as quick as we decided what It was I wanted. he had it built witha 3rd brakelight and packaged and shipped to me in a hurry. Took me a few hours to install it because i was in a hurry and jumped the gun without thinking it out, I took more of my Jeep apart than necessary, but my son LOVES it, my Neighbors love it, he is able to be seen easily at dusk when we are typically coming back from our ventures around the neighborhood.

If you need LED lights and don't want to hassle with wondering what LEDS you need or if they are of high quality, skip the work and get in touch with Nik, he will hook you up.


Cell phone pics at night, but you get the idea.
By Txcruiser2u
Looks like it cut off the tail light pics and the 3rd brake light, but maybe Nik can post a better pic i sent him. The side lights and the lights around the roll bar are electroluminescent wire Bikelights, I already had them on their prior to the LEDs, they are alright, the glow, the blink, run off of 2 double AA's and i siliconed them to the sides, so see how long they will last, no harm no foul. But I would have been just as pleased with just the LED lights.
By nikg
Thanks for the kind words about the kit. I hope your son enjoys it. I think it turned out very nice...a clean install.
For anybody curious, this is a kit with the 12-LED round panel headlights, double length glow units, standard tail lights and an extra double length tail light for the center tail light in the back.
DSCF1959.JPG (180.24 KiB) Viewed 32824 times
DSCF1961.JPG (177 KiB) Viewed 32824 times
By pjkiernan
How hot do the lights get? I have an older hurricane which actually have plastic lights instead of stickers so I want to make sure they do not melt anything?

BTW, these are sweet kits form the look of it.
By nikg
The reason most members started using LED's is because they consume very little battery power and they do not generate a lot of heat like incandescent and halogens. They really are the ideal answer for these types of lighting applications. You can hold the LED's in you hands and they barely get warm, so they will not even get close to melting plastic.
In addition to producing little heat, my kits are fuse protected. No more than 2A can flow through them otherwise the fuse will blow as a further safety measure.

You can PM me if you would like more info or have other questions.

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By wkearney99
I've put one set of Nik's lights into my boy's Fire & Rescue Jeep, and have another kit on order for his Gator. I haven't installed the glow lights yet on the Jeep because I'm not entirely thrilled with the lack of kid-proof ways to mount it. I'm considering using some tubing to encase the wires and light strips. That will keep them from prying little hands and rough terrain.

But otherwise the kits are great. Nice materials and well constructed.
By nikg
wkearney99 -- the glow lights should just attach to the bottom of the vehicle well out of the way of prying hands, and if you want you can protect the wiring with split loom tubing or simply run duct tape over the entire run. Another option would be to run the wires to the center channel where the other power wires are for the original vehicle. Everyone has different needs based on the terrain they run and the amount of "kid interest" the lights generate.

Prying hands, huh? Maybe you should make him install the next kit :D

I hope everything works out well.

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