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I want something you MIGHT have. Willing to sell?
The misses was coming back from shopping for groceries, and she saw this little power wheels on a corner. She told me about it, and we drove the block to take a look. It runs, the high speed screw was still in it, and the handle looks like they got upset that it didn't go up farther. But other than the paint being faded, it works great, and it was free.

Bad part is that is missing a few parts. Namely, the grill, the radio, and one of the hood latches. I'm not sure if the remaining latch has faded, or not but it is white.

Has anyone seen any of these parts, or does the grill from a modern one fit?

Being that you mention it having a lockout screw, it's 12V
But I am only basing this on an assumption (you know what happens then), all the jeeps I have 6 and 12 volt "seem" to have the same parts as you mentioned. Very little seems different, although I honestly have not yet tried to fit a 6 volt single motor single seat wrangler grill onto a two seater.
The hood clips are the same though.
The radio is gonna be tough. I have at least 4 different big holes from missing radios. The dash cut outs aren't all the same!
And I believe that a take along tunes radio was easily removable as a ghetto blaster type thing??? But I've never seen one.
Sorry, I should have mentioned that it is a 12v two seater.

I did a quick search, and found a decent shot of the radio cradle. ... ce2305.jpg

The big selling point of this model was being able to carry the radio/ cd player with you.

The newer jeeps have different hood latches than the old ones. Given the colors of the jeep, I think my latch is faded.
The grilles are interchangeable from any 12v old style unibody jeep.

I have one if you need it, but shipping to Cali is going to be steep. It may not be the correct color but it will fit.
A real stereo, or a home brew glove box?
For a radio, I've been eyeballing this popcan size round marine thing, it's got inputs, Bluetooth, remote control..... and I think an SD card slot if I'm not mistaken. With 2 or 4 marine speakers I think was $75 or $100?
And I can't think of many marine grade round speakers for $25!
I think it was made by the makers of the BOSS brand, but had some really good reviews. I'll try to remember the name..... was kinda internet only, no local dealers, even boat stores stocked it, but that was 6-8 months ago, haven't ordered one, been blowing my wad on more power wheels instead. Trying to figure out what rides I like.
I can't tell you how many jeeps I have, with missing radios or something from the passenger side dash. Just like escalades and some funky cb hanger too.
Old used stuff with missing pieces = refabrication! ;-)
I grabbed an old Barbie jeep today that actually had the phone. It's a shoestring set up, so ya know it's early 90's, but even that one has some goofy dimples in the dash. Like I have said, I have no clue what some of these pockets are for, but they all have them, and some have two! Not big enough for sunglasses, sippy cups, or even a few minutes of snacks. Unless you're kid can be trusted to deliver shot glasses, there's no point in keeping the goofy cut outs.
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