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I want something you MIGHT have. Willing to sell?
That's a sawblade, and it had a silverado hood with an adaptation. But it's my understanding that any of the 3 silverado hoods will fit. However they are extremely difficult to find, and you will probably end up having to get a whole nother silverado unfortunately. But the saw blade is awesome in its own right, with the soft start!
Thank you so much for letting me know that suburbancharlie I was wondering if it had a soft start when hitting the throttle purposefully or if it was an issue with the motors also thanks for giving me more info on what to look for hood wise I plan on turning this into a duramax with real Allison duramax emblems with real Chevy badges lights and a red with two white stripes going down the center paint job ! :D
Ya, the standard silverado is only the plain hood. The sawblade has like a grill type hood, and there's another version of the silverado that has a different attachment to the hood. But if memory serves me, the sawblade is the only one with a soft start board. The cab lights are sweet, and the sound board is just goofy. I checked into having the soft start board duplicated, but it was quoted at several thousand dollars, so take care of it, or bypass it if your driver is older or if you up the voltage. I bet it'd be worth something to someone else?!?!
Wow I guess this was quite the lucky find then I'm thinking slow start will perfect for the 18v conversion to help not wear the motors out and scare the kids that get to drive it! The slow start board kind of in a sense is like a turbo timer on how it helps not jerk the motors as hard in the take of the vehicle
It's definitely a neck saver for a new driver, as well as a switch, tire, motor/gearbox life extension! I'm just not sure how long it will last on 18V. It's no longer available, and as I mentioned, not something that can be easily replaced. I'm keeping it installed for a while, and when I've got the time, money, and parts to do something awesome with the sawblade, then I'll eliminate it, or if that becomes the new favorite, I'll throw in a different harness to eliminate it. But what I've read about them, there's most likely going to be an issue running 18V, based on the number of dead boards I've read about. Hey, does yours have a model number on it? I just ran out to get the models for my silverado and the saw blade, but the saw blade didn't have a visible model, at least not under the hood like my silverado does? My silverado is labeled as "Chevy silverado New" "74310-9997". I'm only asking because it was asked in another thread also?

But I think I'll plan to save that soft start for a ride I'll be making for the neighbors granddaughter. She's about 6 weeks old, and visits rarely, but I'll be making her a power wheels fanatic asap, and an excellent driver at a very young age!
Unfortunately no I do not have the model number if it was on a stick of the truck it was pressure washed off I ended up only saving the headlight stickers on the truck as you can see she was Nasty when I picked her up but I've got it nice and clean ready to be completely customized and overhauled into a crazy never before seen Duramax Powerwheels!!
OK, I did some digging through my sent to self emails, and did find this.

Saw blade is model 75597-9993
Stickers were part number

But the saw blade was only produced for one year, so I doubt that you will find anything new! But like I said, just get a donor silverado, and scavenge the harness and hood, to be able to do what you want.
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