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I want something you MIGHT have. Willing to sell?
I am totally in the mommy dog house!

I got a Winston Pinkalicious 4 wheeler for my daughter from a garage sale! They showed me it worked so I was super excited to give it to my girl!! When I got home she got on it, went for 4 feet and it died.

It came with the charger, I charged it and nothing!!

I did some research and it is a 6v4.5ah battery. I looked at replacing the battery but the connections are specific to Winston and I can get the same battery but the connections are different.

At this point, I'm not sure what to do! I don't know enough about this (even after the hours of research and reading the owners manual online) to figure out how to get a new battery with connections that would match.

I was hoping someone could help a mama out to make her girl happy!!

I realize now that what I got is a pile of junk and will invest in a 12v good one for her birthday but I don't want to totally throw the money I already spent on this one away ($25.00) if I can get a pretty cheap fix for the battery issue and get some use out of it!

I found the batteries that will work for $10-12 but don't know how to address the connection issue.

Any ideas? Help? Stock working battery?

Thanks guys!!!

Cut the plug off and connect to the battery with male/female spade terminals. I'm not familiar with your exact ride-on so make sure that you install an in-line fuse when connecting to the battery . A 20amp fuse with a 6v battery should be right. Don't use a fuse larger than 30amp. All those parts (including wire) can be purchased at most auto parts stores. I'm assuming you are buying an aftermarket 6v SLA battery similar to those used in game feeders. Those batteries can be purchased at walmart (at least at the one nearest me). Google and youtube should get you all the answers you need for connections. If you run into any more issues just put up another post in the electrical section and you should get more assistance traffic.
Get some of those color coded quick connects (you want the blue or yellow ones) from the hardware store in the electrical or automotive section and use those to connect your new battery. You must install a 30A fuse inline as well.

Here's a few links to show you just what the heck I'm talking about:
Quick Connect Terminals
Inline fuse

There is likely some youtube videos on it as well

EDIT: LoL see... it's the consensus.
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