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I want something you MIGHT have. Willing to sell?
Hi, there, I'm looking to purchase a wiring harness for this unit as Fisher Price no longer makes the replacement for this model (so they say) Another poster suggested asking if someone has one to sell or has a suggestion as to which other harnesses could fit and where to buy online. Thanks in advance! :)
I replied to your other post. Call a fisher price service center with your model number and they should be able to replace the harness free of charge (since it was a recall). If not, give us a model number or post a picture so we can match up whatever parts you need.
Thank you for your most helpful reply!:)
I live in Canada and when I called Fisher Price, I was told that the best they could do was that I would have to cut out the harness and send it back for a 35.00 refund and then scrap the vehicle,as they no longer have the part in stock.
My model # is 74543-9563
Thank You
That's the first time I ever heard of fisher price not replacing the harness. Maybe the location? I believe it was recalled because the connectors were a hazard. If everything is in working condition, you could buy two aftermarket 6v6ah batteries, cut off the stock battery connects, install in-line fuses and install spade terminals (to connect to aftermarket batteries). Since you probably need new batteries anyway this would be the easiest way to get the ride up and going. My other suggestion would be to swap out the entire harness and replace with a newer 12v model but you would have to mount the shifter or rewire to connect to your current switches. Do you have a friend in the US who could call their fisher price service center? They may get a better answer and you could go through them to get a replacement harness. It's worth a phone call.
Hi, there
Yeh, it was pretty frustrating with their response and unfortunately I don't know of anyone in the States that could call. i heard of another person this year in Canada,who experienced the exact same outcome with them. There are the newer batteries that you can buy on Amazon that supply an adapter that connects to the existing wiring harness of the old style jeeps, I'm assuming. this would work in the same manner to correct the problem with the overheating issue? Thanks for your help, "wired"
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