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KidTrax Firetruck gearbox

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:02 pm
by ThunderODB
Well, we shelled another gearbox. The kids are almost too big to ride the darn thing, but I am gonna try to get one more year out of the stock drive line.

I think if they go one at a time it will probably be ok.

Once I get the parts bought for it I am going to make it 24v with a scooter motor and a go-cart live axle. I don't have the money to stick in it for that right now, so I am going to focus on making it run, and then I am going to get the exterior redone. I will just have to find someone to make new decals for me. I HAD intended on doing that with my dad last year, as he had a sign shop for 50 years.... was gonna be my dad, me, and my son. Unfortunately Dad died unexpectedly in January.
My son ran the fire truck a few times this summer, but after the gearbox broke it just sat. The batteries that were in it were 3 years old and not really holding a charge much anymore anyway, so we just parked it at the end of the summer and basically left it.

But, I digress, I need a gearbox for it so we can get one more summer out of it "stock" and then I am going to reinforce the frame, add a live axle and a 24v motor etc..... I am looking to make it so I can ride it (been told the setup I am looking at will handle up to 600 lbs and go approx. 12.5 mph.