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Peg Perego Gaucho Parts

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 9:08 pm
by DJ Kryptonite
Hello all,
Located in NorthEast PA and looking to pick up some parts for a Gaucho Grande I am rebuilding/modifying. In general I need a range of items so anyone that has spare parts that they are willing toet go off I am probably jnterested. Kind of doing this build based on availability of the parts I get my hands on. Let me know and thanks.


Re: Peg Perego Gaucho Parts

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:45 am
by DJ Kryptonite
OK, have some specifics I really need to finish this project up besides my "would like to haves" if I found them.
-From a Gaucho A151 or Sport 251, the front turn signals that sit up on the fenders pedestals rather than the type that sit flush. Aslo from the same model, need the old style shifter.

-Need all four wheels for a good price. Any model as long as they are in good shape and I will work out getting them to mate up. The drivetrain I have is from a Grande. Would also be interested in 4 matching pneumatic tires and wheels as an alternate solution in the 15 or 16 inch tall by 6 to 8 inch wide ranch for a good price and just convert to that rather then run plastic.

Also looking for the gas tank that actually closes flat like a real one and the tank opening is behind the flip down panel. Not sure what model these were on.

Besides my needed items above, always looking for the unicorn SuperPower IGOD9500US Brushless motors, disc brakes, etc for a good price to do the conversion but that's a wish list item.

Last item is a strong servo or linear actuator for steering the beast remotely. Again I b my wish list so keeping an eye open for a deal.

Any help is appreciated.