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I have something you MIGHT want. Do you want to buy?
My kids are growing out of powerwheels so I’m clearing out some of my parts. These decal sheets are brand new, unused OEM factory decals, not reproductions. Shoot me a PM with your email or textable phone number and I can send you pictures to confirm it’s the sheet you need.

$20 per sheet shipped anywhere in the continental US, $15 per sheet shipped if buying two or more at the same time. Sheets will be shipped in a cardboard tube for protection.


Barbie Escalade Part# W6203-0310
Barbie Escalade Part# N1475-0311
Barbie Mustang Part# P8812-0311
Barbie Jeep Wrangler Part# W4473-0310
Barbie Jeep Wrangler Part# H4433-0310
Escalade Part# W9417-0310
Jeep Rubicon Part# N1476-0311
Tough Talking Jeep Part# T6138-0310
Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler Part# W9418-0310
Jeep Hurricane Part# K7112-0310
Jeep Hurricane Part# N2273-0320
Boss 302 Mustang Part# W9257-0311
Mustang Part# P5920-0311
Kawasaki 12v Quad Part# W5540-0311
Kawasaki 12v Quad Part# W4716-0321
Kawasaki 12v Quad Part# P9723-0311
Kawasaki 12v Quad Part# J8472-0310
Stinger XS Part# P4266-0311
Brute Force Part# R8126-0320
Bass Pro Brute Force Part# R8548-0320
Arctic Cat Part# L2170-0310
Arctic Cat Part# P8814-0311
Ford 12v F-150 Part# T6991-0320
Dale Earnhardt Jr Nascar Part# L6345-0300
Cars 2 12v Lightning McQueen Part# W2604-0310
Porsche GT3 Part# 3900-3931

Peg Perego

Peg Perego Gaucho Rockin Part# MMEV0266
Gaucho Gen 1 Superpower Part# MMEV0350
Gaucho Gen 2 Superpower Part# MMEV0720
John Deere HPX Gator Part# MMEV0480
Polaris Ranger RZR 800 Part# MMEV0481
Polaris Sportsman Part# MMEV0318
Polaris 700 Part# MMEV0207
Polaris 800 Part# MMEV0451

Very rare decal set, $50 shipped to the continental US:

Peg Perego Gaucho Silver Edition Part# MMEV0077
Hey Bill,

I texted you pics. I also removed your phone number because we try to keep personal info out of the posts so the world doesn't see it. PM is best for phone numbers, addresses, payment details, etc.
Miguelsanchez@1 wrote:Are the raptor decals still available
And if so what colors?

Hi, I just sent you a PM. If you PM me your cell or email I can send you a picture.
Ajgiov wrote:Pm sent for T6991-0320

I PM'd you back but got no response.

For anyone looking for a decal set from this list, please shoot me a PM with your cell # or email and I can send you a picture of the set to confirm it's the one you want.
#1Steelersfan wrote:Jeff Gordon still available?xxxxxxx@xxxxx

Hi yes, the Jeff Gordon decal sheet is still available. I just emailed you a picture of the actual decal set. Let me know if you would like to purchase. Thanks!

P.S. Sorry for the delay in responding, we were on vacation the past week.
chart2006 wrote:Still have the decals for Raptor? Is is for the blue raptor? Thanks

Hi, yes all sheets listed in the first post are available. I update the first post if any sell out. I'm not sure exactly which color raptor the sheet goes to, but you can check the part #. If you PM me your email or cell I can send you a picture of the actual sheet to confirm.
MrT wrote:I'm in need of Barbie Escalade Part# W6203-0310. Can send money via PayPal. Just to confirm, this is the bigger kit with the Cadillac emblems and badges correct?

Yes, if you want to PM me your cell # or email I can send you a picture of it to confirm.
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