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By truwebs
It was and still is my goal to make a BUNDLE sale to an ambitious individual looking to take on a fun project.

But, understanding the market may not be that great for such a sale in northern Ohio, I am exploring the possibility of stripping these Gauchos down for parts to willing buyers.

If I do not get a buyer from this site or other avenue my plan will be then to put out for an upcoming garage sale. If the bundle does not sell then it will be time to strip down and sell piece by piece.

I have not yet researched the market on going price for individual parts. But, will do soon.

I am looking to hear from you all any interest you have in buying individual parts.

If you are interested... please let me know part and what you feel is a fair price.


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By lancersrock
Im interested in several parts. I need the hood hinges (body side) mainly as i ordered some and they were wrong and now i cant find any. I also may be interested in the dash and shifter. Maybe the gear boxes and motors out of one? Message me what your think $, shipping would be to 51501. UPS flat rate box?
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By truwebs

As mentioned if I can't sell the lot in the next couple weeks I will consider selling by parts.

You are first in line for parts requested.

For those that follow with requests and wondering about shipping costs. I would probably charge actual shipping via UPS ground from 44145. So, you should be able to get a rough idea on shipping cost assuming you could guess the weight of the package based on your desired parts.

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By Jahkneefive
ok so let me get some clarification, yes I looked through the other post. So you essentially have 2 Gauchos that with a few misc. parts would both be functional or would both need to be combined to create 1 functional gaucho? Obviously we are looking at a gas pedal and batteries, but wasnt sure if there were other major components missing from both.

I have 2 dune racers for my 2 kids and picked up a guacho on a whim to fix up... well now both the kids want to only drive the jeep, so the I may pitch this to the wife that I can sell the dunes and fix up another jeep to prevent the daily fighting over who gets to drive the jeep...
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By truwebs
Let me confirm the current condition. Last I recall a couple years ago they both ran before I pulled pedal switch out of one. They have been in my basement past couple of years.
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By truwebs

Per your question...

"So you essentially have 2 Gauchos that with a few misc. parts would both be functional or would both need to be combined to create 1 functional gaucho? "

Yes! I confirmed that the Gaucho that has the gas pedal and gas pedal switch is functional after putting in a battery.

The other Gaucho is missing gas pedal and pedal switch. The switch I recall pulling out to make a John Deere Gator good for sale. Either I lost the pedal or trashed it. Thought I had another switch around, but have not been able to find it.

I understand your situation. At one time I had...

2 Gauchos
1 Barbie Jeep
1 Gator
1 Four Wheeler.

Wife was loving the junk yard look! Ha Ha

The kids gravitated toward the Gauchos for speed even though the 4 wheeler was the newest of the batch.

Again, my intentions were to build one of these great Gauchos I see rebuilt on this site. I just simply ran out of time. Hence the spare partes (bumpers, roll bar,etc.)

2 sweeten the pot I have a few other spare parts pictures. These are from the Barbie Power Wheel that I stripped and trashed. I believe the larger tires might fit Gaucho. Truly can't recall why I have them. There must have been another vehicle I have forgotten about. These parts are included in the asking price of previous post.
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