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I have something you MIGHT want. Do you want to buy?
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The two jeeps on the left are in this topic viewtopic.php?f=29&t=18450 Please go there for those parts.
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Tires $2 each or $5 set of 4. One set is old style and the other is new style (tapered bushings)
F/R switch $1 each. Tested with DVOM.
Pedal assembly $3 each. Tested with internal inspection. Pedal for the Mercedes tested bad and is not available.
Motor/Gearbox/Driver $15

The windows on the Mercedes are toast(garbage). I am selling the black panels only. In the best interest of low prices, you get to remove what's left of the windows. The bumpers have some road rash. Grey parts are chalky but solid. The steering wheel sounds all work and the battery compartment is clean. $4 for the wheel and sounds.

All prices are plus shipping. Inquire about any parts not mentioned.

Hey taz11, thanks for your help in my thread about the Huffy X6. Do you have a matching pair of #3 gearboxes that have 550 sized motors? After that thread I did a lot of searching and reading, It looks like these are basically #3 gearboxes with a different drive. Don't care if they are 6 or 12V, as long as the motors are 550 sized.

In addition to the gearboxes I'd be interested in a pair of wheel drivers and a set of 4 jeep tires. On the Huffy X6 the wheel drivers have a 4 lug drive on the wheel side, just like the powerwheels drivers. I'll take the chance it will drop right in, if not that should be easier to modify than coming up with something from scratch.

What does that come to, $35? ($15 X2 for motor/gearbox/drivers, $5 for 4 tires) + shipping of course (to 46032)

Unrelated question, is there a way to automatically subscribe to threads I post to, I didn't see the option on the control panel.
I'll see what I can dig up. I may have a set of 3B gearboxes with 12v motors.
I have 2 #3B gearboxes and 12v 550 motors. Yes, would be $35 for 2GB, 2 drivers, and the set of wheels from this post. I can figure shipping for you if that sounds reasonable to you. You are close, so probably 10-15 at the most.
No, sorry. I have a single #3A but not a set.
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I believe I do, its been a while....I will double check.
Yes, I still have the gearbox and motor. I have to dig up the driver but I'm sure its here somewhere.
I have the windshield, I think I still have the latches. I will check. What's your zip?
Should have all that, plus the roll bar if you want that too. I'll see what I can dig up tonight. bulk pricing :D ;)
Road monkey, I do have it but MR_Pat has dibs. I'll put you in as #2 if he does not take it.
OK.....will work on that tonight.. RM...whats the zip?
Ok......Probably have that for you early tomorrow
NP Roadmonkey your more in need of the part than I am at the moment. My 2 sons have 6 PW vehicles at the moment. 2 are in works of repairs and upgrades. but they have the other 4 to play with ... lol I only have 4 12 volts for them to use anyway and 2 volts i hook together for a 12 in their liltte 6 volt quad
Still in progress guys. I got a little swamped last night.

Shipping is $8. Total is $23. Motor/gearbox/wheel driver.

I will Pm paypal info
Mr_Pat.... $25 total, shipped.

Switch is not in the pic...need to grab that yet.
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Yeah, I have one. I also have a set of 21t #7 gearboxes and motors if you are interested. Should be bullet proof in a jeep of that size.
The first box is still here, they will fit :lol: They are #7, not 7R. $25 for the set if you want them. :P
The first box is still here, they will fit ;) :lol: . $25 for the set if you want them :P

They are #7 not 7R.
Little jeep wheels? I have many. The are free! Might run the shipping up a bit. Hubs?
the star shaped piece that goes into the wheel from the gearbox or is that part of the gearbox ?? I know the vettes have Male star shape on the back of the wheel that meets the gearbox but the mustang has a hub piece that goes on between the wheel and the gearbox. wasn't sure if the jeep was the same way
The #7s will fit the jeep wheels. I am sending you a driver for the second drive wheel. Everything else should fit. Do still want the extra rear tires? You don't need them unless you want spares.
yes please sir. as this jeep is for the same lil mad man that likes to drift his powerwheels mustang I'm probably going to need a spare set sitting for backup. for the jeep once he figure out how to slide it .... planning on doing the turbo button in it and maybe adding a hi low reverse shifter as currently its only fwd/rev
$25 for the gearboxes, I'll cover the rest.

Now that I think of it..... Do you want all 4 black tires so the match?

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