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I have something you MIGHT want. Do you want to buy?
Down to my last few...but people keep bringing them! I figured It would be best to pass these along to the future modders to get there stables started. All of these are offered as is without batteries or chargers. Most of them would make great projects....and some are just for parts. If it does not state that they work, they probably don't (or have not been tested).

Due to limited time I am not really interested in parting them out...... but if you are not local and see something you need, let me know and we will attempt to work something out. NOTE: if the price is listed as FREE and I have to pack and ship it....Its no longer free. Local pick up of cars and parts is strongly encouraged. Located in 08804.

Accepting reasonable offers on anything here.

Bulk discounts available....and ENCOURAGED!
More to be added as I find time. Nice condition on top, junkers will be added at the bottom .

If its listed here, I still have it. I delete them as they leave.

Brand new old stock parts.

12v (dual 6 volt) chargers. 2.5 amp fast charger with status LED- NIB $17 each ($15 each for lots of 5 or more) Many available.

Jammin Jeep doors and hinges-NEW $10

Jeep radio/sound box fits model W4473- NEW $12
black harley.jpg
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Gator $20 Works 2 speeds forward, no reverse. Decent shape with typical fade and scrapes.
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$10 Metal frame jeep. WORKS but....very sluggish...recommend rewire. Two 6v,needs connectors.
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$10, Gator, No Workie, gears good, front tires getting thin.

$5 Works, 6v lil jeep, complete. Also have one in black and one in pink.
lil jeep red.jpg

Did I mention parts? LOL...I will try to break this down at some point.

A few more parts piles...spring cleaning. Parts For: Big Jake/Caterpillar/Dune Beetle/Tonka Truck (Safety first)/Hummer/Slammer/Thundercat/Solstice/Escalade and more.

no gearbox
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Free. Raptor - needs switches/ Gearboxes Sold 4/20/17
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Super 6 vette body Gearboxes/motors gone
black harley.jpg
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Harley carcas
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...yellow and white are gone
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..No motor/gears...may have one separately
single 6v, looks like a hummer, untested, has working headlights and roll bar lights but unsure if they still work.
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By taz11
That's a lot of stuff so I would be willing to do that. Shipping is going to be a killer. 20 pound large box (best guess) is going to be $37 to ship? Still interested?
20 minutes.... I go that far for fast food! I'd have asked if I could be there at 10 last night!
darn you far away livers with the killer deals.
Could really use those jeeps wipers here in the Midwest Lately....
My kids are 9 and 11....its time. I put the serious project cars in the barn in case of grand kids.
I tried putting a stamp on my butt with yer zip code on my forehead, but the mailman told me he couldn't send live animals postage due. I think I remember that you wanted to visit cjb. I don't know anyone other than schnookie out that way, and I'd rather see Jwow anyway. I can not believe that stuff hasn't been scooped up by the members out that way?
Yeah...really. Back when I was starting out there would have been 5 members fighting over it!
Just added the last of them....for now. Reduced a few prices.
metaprinter wrote:As a fellow NJer.... i'm now interested in Quarter Midget racing.

Watch that.....its a slippery slope :o :o :o :D :D
Several hundred....that's why I don't ship. 08804
Near 08804.

Your welcome to the whole thing. The next few weeks are really not good for me to be pulling parts.
Suburbancharlie77 wrote:I know that you don't want to part out, but is there any chance of getting a price for the loose motor cover from "the baked coolest ride ever", a Harley saddle bag, gator battery cover a shifter and armrest/seat ends? Most of it is already loose so I'm guessing they're extras? And the extreme machine looks like an eliminator, any chance it has the same motor cover?

I'd like to help you out, no time right now. Hit me up in a few weeks and I can probably get the stuff together for you.
I cant believe these are all still here :shock: . Updated with bulk pricing.
Post an updated list. I'm currently taking my Fridays off to keep up with my obligations........No time what so ever...... You have stepped up on this forum( thank you for that)..... I will do my best to get you what you need...Just don't expect it fast ;)

This USAC championship is running me into the ground...........But man is it quality time.....and life lessons.
Suburbancharlie77 wrote:USAC? What's that midget sprints?

1/4 Midgets. After winning two local track championships we decided to take it up a notch and run for the Region and National Championship..... That "notch"....was more like a leap off the Grand Canyon.
Bump, two more added, topic cleaned up.
LOL Charlie quit killing the 21's :P I'm having a hard time fiinding them for my vehicle mods.. and as a side note TAZ is awesome I higly recommend buying anything you need from him... Prices are great, shipping is perfect and insanely fast. I hope to not need too many more PW parts but I hope if i do I can get them from Taz.
fsd.Startemyoung wrote:Taz if you have any Peg Gators wiring harnesses and or peddal or shifters laying around I'll take them. I'd say I'd buy the complete Gator but I'm by SuburbanCharlie and I know shipping would kill. Also looking for Little Tikes Hummer gearbox. Gracias

The only harness I have is currently on hold to go with a complete vehicle.
Okay I'm also looking for peg Perri 700 2x front wage differential which is been told is another "back ordered" changed to "discontinued" parts . I see you don't have any listed but if anyone else who reads this does or if you by any chance do I'll buy immediately.
It's torture seeing two 24v Rzr's for sale for $100 a piece and knowing your 2000+ miles away :(
Darn Shame...... They are now out in the rain. I need the shop for other things so everything in this thread is out in the weeds beside the barn (with the dead ones). Will be worthless in short time :(
I know that you don't want to part out, but is there any chance of getting a price for the loose motor cover from "the baked coolest ride ever", a Harley saddle bag, gator battery cover a shifter and armrest/seat ends and tailgate with latches? Most of it is already loose so I'm guessing they're extras? And the extreme machine looks like an eliminator, any chance it has the same motor cover or any tires, and left side swinging door? I'm guessing dude that joined for the x-treme machine parts took all the "go stuff"?
So how much is gas running these days by you? Over $3/gallon here. The $500 total for toys gets kinda steep at 1,600 miles @ 15mpg without a trailer. If I bring my own pillow, can I sleep in the garage?
$1.79...and no room in the garage. You'll have to sleep in the driveway. Its warm here right now :P :lol:

I'll see what I can dig up.......might be a few days. Zip?
The streets are filled with tears!
How do I make a crying face?

Guess that's a no on parts huh

The $500 for the lot would work, the $400 in fuel is why the wife would kill me!
I'm sure road monkey would be down for some, but I can't go there till he gets this fire truck first, I'm already out cash on that. And actually just stopped home with another fire truck cuz I know it's going to devastate her when he picks up the first one.

Mr Pat, where you at? Got some green, or a big ol roadworthy trailer???
I will scoop out your parts first ;) No worries. Did you add them up to get $500....or was that a guess? Bulk discounts too :P :lol:

LOL...I just skimmed through....That's pretty close LOL. If you are seriously considering a road trip, let me know. I'll kill the add. I have bins full of parts too........ :o poke :P tease :lol: twist 8-) 8-)
LOL I'm in Michigan. Trailer no i do not have ..... I wish I had a good sized trailer for many things. I should be able to toss in some green though I'd be up to buy one of the polaris.. I'd prolly get shot if i got them both. Taz I am probably going to go in on this if Charlie wants to do it . Hopefully I'll get to talk at him later today... i stayed up late tonight but have an early morning run to drop the boys off at grandmas...
K.....its all still here. I've had one call on a RZR but no commitment yet.

The real bummer is that I will be coming to Ohio with a trailer in September.....but the trailer is already full :? :(
I was hoping Mr Pat would be interested in a lot more than a RZR.
I'd love to, but just can't. I've tried every angle since you originally posted it. It's just not feasible. I definitely appreciate the opportunity to sleep in the driveway.
If my gas around here was $1.79 I'd be a bit more likely to be able to swing it, but I just don't see it happening. Sorry
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