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I have something you MIGHT want. Do you want to buy?
Ugh......Trash day. Now I have more :shock: :? . Anybody know how to get free of this hobby????? :twisted: :twisted: :roll:

I will list them in the first post later.

Super 6 bigfoot
12V Mini Cooper
6v VW
Black and green Ninja
They have been added. I dropped prices on a few that have been haunting me too long.

Prices are listed but cash talks.
LOL I got the package of parts today bud Thankyou again. Going to be a busy winter working on powerwheels.... 2 jeeps to set up with dual motors and paint , the silver car waiting on me to get the scooter motors mounted , the second mustang waiting for me to find scooter motors and tear it apart and set it up... Though once the scooter motor cars are done i think reguar powerwheels are done at this house lol.. I'm keeping the 2 smaller jeeps for derby days and the yellow vette and the first mustang for race days with CJB's Turbo Timers in them .. 12 + 12 Turbo.. they haul pretty good.
Would you be willing to sell the tailgate for the Bigfoot I just picked one up that needs an overhaul I really would love to buy the tailgate I'm in Michigan so buying the whole truck would be a no go for me because I'm guessing the cost to ship it all would be to much? :/
Just please let me know either way on the tailgate for the Bigfoot I'd be willing to pay shipping as well as the price on the tailgate we could do a pay pal transaction to be secure if that would work my Bigfoot I found don't have the tailgate so I really want the tailgate bad!
I have a guy interested in the truck. If he doesn't take it I will sell the tailgate.
Dj....Yeah, I can get you some good ones. Bare with me, I'm pretty busy these days. Do you need motors to?

Ty.....they came, but they bought other stuff. Tailgate is here. I'll work some prices up for both of you.

Just need zip codes

You can also try messaging me at the facebook link below if you don't get a timely response here.
Take a look at the #3 gearbox grinding fix in the FAQ. It makes them almost bullet proof.
Ok thank you taz definately let me know I definately want it if it don't sell I'm in the process of redoing the Bigfoot stickers on photoshop for my project heres the free Bigfoot I found at work I'm gonna do the 4wd conversion on this one !
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Here's a link to my Facebook page taz I Pm'd you on here it's the first time I've tried sending a private message on here so if you didn't get it then message on Facebook and I'll try sending my phone number through there here's my Facebook
If you add me as a friend on fb the messages will come through easier for me so I don't have to check my other folders
Sorry, local pick up. No time for packing and shipping at the moment.
Update....I will be listing some of the parts as well. I will offer shipping on parts lots, time allowing.

I will be adding them to the main post as time allows (they should start showing up there in the next few days). I have some brand new parts still in bags.
I can get you a shipping quote if you give me your zip code.

I am also looking for a solid rear axle that would be similar to this axle:

74440-4519Rear Axle (length 29.5)

But I am not even concerned on length all that much as it will be for a trailer so it could be one that got cut an inch to short or something like that...

Got anything laying around in that big pile of parts you are sitting on?


P.S. I have a signature but it refuses to post when I check the box... so it isn't for lack of trying... hahaha
Shipping should be about $10. I most likely have that axle here but shipping them gets costly due to length and weight. Your best bet would probably be some 7/16 or 1/2 inch rod from a hardware store. If you'd rather get the axle from me its going to be an extra $20 to get it there.
I will PM my paypal info.
Updated first post 2-25-17
LOL... No sir. Almost 10 years and that's one that I never came across .
Yes I do. I think I have some off also. Located in 08804
Up to you. If you stop by its free. If I ship it, it's $5 plus shipping cost.
Do you have a color preference?
OK, I'll let you know.
I haven't had a chance to confirm colors yet. I will be available after 5 today. I can pm my address.
Sent...text me from here on out.
taz11 wrote:I will PM my paypal info.
I got my stuff awhile back and forgot to say THANK YOU! Everything looks great and I am a happy camper! I wish I lived closer to you so I could just stop by "the lot"... I would be happy with all the cheap parts and new builds and you would be happy with stuff sold and money in your pocket!

Probably for the better as my wife already thinks I have a problem and I am only on my first build!

Thanks again!
So.....Bulk day is starting up again for 2017. I did not get up early, I did not drive around town...I'm done with this sh1t!

Ummm....Yeah.....That worked out well......3 new rides added to the first post :oops: :oops: :oops:
Updated first post. Nice Super Shock added today
WyldRyd wrote:Tax,

Raptor shipped to 55303?

More than its worth unfortunately.
Can you give me the dimensions and weight? As you are saying it is complete just needs new switches right? I have a pretty hefty discount with FedEx and I can figure out what my cost would be to send you a lable to see if it is cost prohibitive...

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