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$28 each shipped in the 48

Order here:

All orders will ship via USPS with tracking, once a week.

Back by popular demand, with an added function!

Turbo Timer 4 includes all the features of the TurboTimer 3 and has the battery saver feature built in! The battery saver allows you to connect your accessories (fans, radio, lights, etc) to a relay that this module will shut off after 5 minutes of no activity on the motors. To turn the accessories back on, simply hit the throttle or the NOS button.

Includes wiring harness. Installation instructions can be found on This Page
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Quick overview: What is a Turbo Timer???

18v rocks. We all know that. We also know it can be hard on motors and gears. The worst part is starting from a dead stop at 18v. In the grass. :o

What a turbo timer does, is forces the vehicle to start at 12v before allowing the extra 6 to kick in. Even if you have a NOS or turbo button hooked up, kiddo can still hold it down and jackrabbit that sucker. Or hold it down 100% of the time.

The turbo timer is multi-function in helping solve this problem. Features include:
  • 12v forced starts
    12v forced reverse
    Turbo button lockout
    Automatic 18v engagement
    No relay chatter or jerking
You can use it in one of three modes -
  • "Turbo" mode which uses a push button to engage the 18v but disables the button for adjustable cool down times
    "Soft Start" mode which automatically kicks in the extra 6v after 2 seconds of forward motion
    "Lockout" mode which disables the 18v possibilities all together (youngin' mode)
Add to all that, the battery saver feature which, as stated in the beginning of this thread, can shut off your accessories after 5 minutes of inactivity, saving power. Personally, I use it with lights and cooling fans. Keep those fans on for 5 minutes after the motors have stopped for better thermal control!
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By Sedzy
Sweet product. Just read the thread on the v3. Huge thumbs up CJB!

Where do you send for boards? I'm pricing sources for both 2 and 4 layers, and it looks like OSH Park is still the best option.
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Sedzy - I use MakePCB for my boards. Never had an issue and pricing is reasonable. No large tooling charges. Just don't be in a hurry for them to arrive. :lol:

On a side note to all, I was smart enough to put a program port on this revision so it is easier than ever for me to do custom timing in the software if anyone wants something different. Like if instead of a 30/30 time you wanted 120/20, I can do that pretty easily.
Pat, did I mention that I'm going to go grab 2 more Harley just to gut for 21's
Would probably be a good idea! Their certainly going to give a good return on investment.

Pre order sale ending soon, better get that ordered quick
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Would more people be comfortable doing the 18V upgrade if I made an interface board like this?
I get not everyone is confident with wiring.
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You'd simply connect your batteries to the board, connect your stock wiring harness to the board, pop in some relays and two fuses and you're up and running. Includes connections for charging ports, and Turbo button/TurboTimer function. Wouldn't necessarily have to use it with the TurboTimer though. Would work for just about any vehicle.

Cost is estimated at $15. Is that worth not messing with wires and relay connections and crap?

Just a thought.
I'll admit, I have been curious about what the schematic is like for the turbo timer with battery saver. I'm guessing there's a terminal block involved. But oddly enough, I can't for the life of me walk in anywhere nearby and get a terminal block and the jumpers? Radio shack doesn't even seem to have those U shaped metal jumpers available?!?! I've been so mad since my good electronics store closed. You know, for the accessories circuit that would be on the battery saver side.
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Charlie - you can wire it however you wish to after the relay. solder a bunch of wires to a paperclip for all I care. (not recommended)

For the interface boards, it would be about a month once I decide to pull the trigger. Maybe I'll post that in general forum to get some input.
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By MR_Pat
I'm less scared of the wiring stuff now that I have dug through several cars.. And in process of installing an ESC into a mustang and corvette. But whatever way works for ya bud . I'm seeing this as a gearbox saver for a couple of the rides im not planing on doing ESC to. but would like to run 12 - 18 V maybe even 12 with 24 turbo
Not what I was getting at but anyway, I see charge in, key switch, relay slots, but am confused with what part of the stock harness gets connected? Without providing some kind of pig tail adapter for each different manufacturers, there's still some level of cut/splice. Maybe it's the heat, but I don't see it?
Are you gonna put this in place of a stock battery, and it connects to the start of the factory harness, so an owner simply guts his original battery for the plug?
I mean, whatever it is, I'll buy it. Yell at roadmonkey haha, maybe another angle view would answer my question, then I can see the connection labels, but the 4# 30 amp wire pinch spots (forget the name) almost looks like you could have as the motor feed?
Maybe I'll come pick up my turbo timers so you get the chance to smack me?
Oops, those are female spades for 30 amp fuses haha

Oh hell yeah that's slick!
SO that just goes before the (cut from battery) plug? That's awesome! For $15 it probably saves $5+ of wire and connectors and other things. Plus the replaceable relays?
Does that stop at 18V/30 amp, or would it accept more and tolerate it well?
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You'd cut the stock plug off and attach those wires to the -OUT and +OUT at the top corners of the board. Connect your 12V and 6V batts at the bottom where shown, charge port connections and turbo button connections on the left. No need to buy in-line fuse holders. Just need a hand full of female quick connects to crimp on your wires.

I suppose you could do 12/12 with it. I haven't done any calculations on copper thickness/width yet to see max current rating but I'm pretty sure it's good for 30A peak as shown. I'll go crunch the numbers...
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Yeah, this thing is good for at least 20A continuous, which is more than they run at normally while moving. With the old rule of thumb of 'select your fuse at twice your nominal load', this should do 30A peak just fine.
That's a no brainer purchase!
OK, now I'll let ya punch me too....
I've seen your "portable kill switch" harness.
Is that something you could implement?
Yes it would consume real-estate, a 3rd relay and 3 spades.....
But this in combo with the turbo timer, $35 remote kill option, and you'll have all bases covered. That would save 3 hours on install!
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I will be starting production on Thursday. Sorry I'm late.

I have 9 pre-orders. Was hoping for more. :(
I will still accept pre-orders through the end of July I suppose since I'm so far behind.

To confirm I have your order, here's an abbreviated list (first and last initial):

PF - 4 units
RW - 2 units
ET - 2 units
ES - 1 unit
RR - 1 unit
SS - 1 unit + 1 interface

Those who have pre-ordered will have the opportunity to get the 18V Interface boards for $10 for each turbo timer they've ordered if desired. Those boards are still about a month out yet though. Contact me in PM with any questions.

If you think you ordered and are not on the list, contact me right away!
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quick update,

Got all the boards through the surface mount process last Thursday. Now I just have to solder in the connectors and stuff, program them, coat and install in housing. Hope to ship the pre-orders this Friday the latest.

This is how turbo timers are made ;)
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All I see is a giant "Kids don't try this at home" warning! :lol: :D
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Everyone who has placed an order (or added to it) will have their Timers shipped out this Friday for sure. Possibly tomorrow. We'll see what time I get out of work. I just finished packaging everyone's orders and now I'm going home.

From here on out, I will make shipments once a week (friday mornings usually because I have off). If you order on a Friday or saturday, etc. it'll be a full week to ship. Just so you know...

When you all receive your items and/or get them installed, I'd appreciate feedback (positive or otherwise).

Those of you that have already ordered a 18V board, those will ship out when I get them in and built.
FUTURE ORDERS CONTAINING A TURBO TIMER AND 18V INTERFACE BOARD will ship all at once, when I get the 18v boards in and built. FYI.
By Sedzy
CJB wrote:quick update,

Got all the boards through the surface mount process last Thursday. Now I just have to solder in the connectors and stuff, program them, coat and install in housing. Hope to ship the pre-orders this Friday the latest.

This is how turbo timers are made ;)
OOOOOOH I want a pick and place setup!!! I'm super jealous CJB!
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So you'd be mad if I said I had two of them? :lol:
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in case you haven't guessed by now, this is what I do for a living - circuit design and manufacturing.
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