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My kids are growing out of powerwheels so I’m clearing out some of my parts. A few of these tires are brand new. The rest are used but in good condition. For now I'd prefer not to ship so if anyone is in the SF Bay Area and in need of tires, shoot me a PM.

Gravedigger Tires - $40 each
Gaucho Tires - $15 each

All other tires - $10 each

Tires - Post.JPG
Tires - Post.JPG (37.9 KiB) Viewed 465 times
drunkid28 wrote:Hi, i'm in the bay area. Do you have bigger tires for a stock Jammin Barbie Jeep? Do I need to modify and lift the jeep to upgrade to newer tires? Do you also sell lift kits or know where i can get them? Thanks!

Hi, I don't have any lifted jeep tires or lift kits. To add lifted jeep tires, you need the two plastic sections that go under a lifted jeep. Those can be added to non lifted jeeps. Check with Taz (taz11) as he sometimes has them for sale.
monkeydad wrote:Sent you a PM. Across the country but in search of 2 Mustang wheels.


Hi, sorry for the delay. We were on vacation. Honestly, I can't get a very good deal on shipping and I think it would cost you about the same to buy a pair of new ones from eBay. If local pickup I can save you some money, but with shipping for something common like mustang wheels, eBay would be your best bet.
C_Rockin wrote:Cool, got any wheels for the Blue Jeep Wrangler?

I do, yes. Are you local or looking to have them shipped?
hbskisurf wrote:Will any of these fit a Super Gaucho (Gen 1)?

Hi, I don't have any Superpower Gaucho tires. It's possible that you could retrofit some non-superpower tires (which I have) to fit, but it would not be a direct fit.

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