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I have something you MIGHT want. Do you want to buy?
I've got a bunch of power wheels vehicles that are just going unused. Our son's 9 now and he and his friends have graduated up to bikes and razer carts. I've got several Jeeps, an Extreme Machine, a Peg Perego tractor and Gator and an un-working yellow skid-steer. One of the Jeeps is the kind with the metal frame under it. Another is a nearly perfect Fire & Rescue.

I'm sure some of them would need new batteries. The Jeeps and tractor definitely but the Gator and Extreme Machine were holding charge as late as this past Spring.

I've little patience for the craigslist adventure, so I'm asking here first. I'd like to recoup the shed space these are taking, so the sooner someone comes take them off my hands, the better. I'm in zipcode 20817 in Bethesda, MD. No shipping, no delivering. Come with cash, leave with the vehicles.
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I posted some pix on FB page.

If you're interested, now's the time to let me know. Otherwise I'll post to my local craigslist.
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Great collection -- this is the kind of awesome I wish was more local (in California). Rare to find anything on CL for under $50, let alone in good condition.
I do still have them. A tractor, gator, extreme machine, fire & rescue, jeep with metal frame, a regular jeep and the skid-steer for parts. All of them worked (save for the skid steer). I would assume all the batteries to need replacing as they haven't been used or charged for over a year.

I'm in Bethesda, just north of DC, off the 495 Beltway. I'm guessing it's about a 2 hour drive, provided you plan around rush hour complications.

Given the size of these you'd need to have something roomy to haul them home. Even one won't fit into anything less than a minivan or a big SUV. Taking multiples would need a van or pickup.

Which ones are of interest?
They would be for my daughter. She's almost 2. I found a hurricane and modded/converted it to R/C using some relays and the circuits from one of her rc toys. She really enjoys riding around in it and I digg showing it off. Id like something that has potential to be turned into something eye catching that she can eventually take control of. So I have time to do whatever I want to it.
Maybe the metal frame jeep and or the gater. You mentioned a skid steer? Do you mean like a Bob cat? If you're talking about one of thoes, I would REALLY be interested in that. Let me know
The skid steer was like one of these:

But it's basically just parts now, I salvaged it from neighbors moving out of the country. The pre-teen boys had beaten it up pretty bad. I don't have the scoop or side grates, just the rolling tub (with motors).

The others are a good bit smaller than the Hurricane, as that's one of the largest of PW style vehicles. The prettiest of the bunch is the Fire & Rescue jeep as it's nearly complete and always stored indoors. The metal frame jeep has the typical 'faded to pink' look to it's plastic, but it's apparently a relatively rare model.

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