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By ACorean
I have a custom built Dodge flatbed. I will try and sum up the modifications made below, but please feel free to reach out with specific questions, or if you desire different pictures.

1:Body: I extended the rear wheelbase by about 6 inches, and plastic welded framework and supports beams to add rigidity to the vehicle. I then built the flatbed on top of this new frame, with a 1/2 inch thick plastic piece for the main bed. diamond plate sheeting glued down for a more realistic look. And a hand made/plastic-welded headache rack attached. All rear LEDs installed work, as do the front LED headlights with the flip of a switch. I considered adding large ranch style mudflaps, and if this is something you desire, let me know and we can make it happen.

2: Wheels, drive line, electronics: The tires are 15" 2 ply snowblower style tires mounted on steel rims for exceptional traction in snow,mud, sand... Each rear wheel is chain driven separately by a 350W electric scooter motor w/ integrated 10/1 gear reduction. Motors are connected to a 24v speed controller tied to a variable speed throttle pedal. So your child can choose to go as slow, or fast as they choose in whichever direction. Not just full on or full off. Batteries are 2x 18 AH sank behind the seats (inside tool box) to lower the center of gravity. Depending on child size and driving conditions, these things run for a long time... My small 2.5 year old has driven it for hours straight during testing, and never reached a slow down point.

This is the broad overview of the vehicle, please see pictures for more detail, and of course, feel free to reach out with questions.

Asking $1200 for this one. I am located in Salt lake city, never shipped these to clients in the past since most sell local, but I am willing to figure it out if needed. Also, if you have an idea in your head about a custom build, please feel free to reach out and we can see what we can come up with together. After my current project (WWII motorcycle with sidecar) I plan to start on a ford velociraptor for my own daughter. But I can pause on this build for a custom order if received.

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