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Peg Perego Gaucho Super Power
Peg Perego Gaucho A151 Jeep
Little Tikes Hummer H2
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My loss is your gain, I had planned to fix the two Peg Perego Gaucho Jeeps and the Hummer was my daughters. The kids have outgrown them and I've run out of time so now they're for sale so someone else can fix them up. Peg Perego are very well made normally quite expensive compared to powerwheels. They're bigger so kids can ride them longer, but these have seen better days.

All three need varying degrees of work so they are as-is and not working. Please read the information on all three below. In their prime these were some high-end rides that could be worth something for someone that is able to get them going again. (Or part them out and make some Ebay cash)

I need room in the garage so I'd like to sell all three together:
(None of them run currently all need different levels of repair)

Gaucho Super Power by Peg Perego 24V:
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-Does not run currently, purchased from someone else said son did something to it. I couldn't figure it out.
-Dark Grey with orange accents
-15" wheels w/ hard foam tread & silver/grey hub caps
-24V scooter (brushless) motors, Disc Brakes, working radio, lights (originally working)
-3 speed forward - 3, 5 and 7 MPH, plus reverse
-Unique, long-lasting QuietRide tires with super strong grip for great traction on any surface
-Adult activated 3-speed gear selector for high speed lockout control

Gaucho A151 Grey Jeep by Peg Perego 12V:
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-Does not run, back wheels were slipping so I pulled off gear box, never replaced it. Missing lots of trim.
-14" wheel, drum brakes and lights

Yellow Little Tikes Hummer H2:
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-Bought this new years ago and it ran ok, so good she rode the tires down and they cracked. Needs tires and hopefully it will still run.
-2 Speed forward operation- 2.5 and 5 mph, Reverse
-Parent controlled-lockout
-Aircraft style gearshift, 12" tires

Box of Miscellaneous Batteries and Chargers included (See Photo)
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Gaucho and Superpower would be a great addition to any power wheels garage!

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