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In order to keep this forum manageable, easy to use, and tidy, we will be implementing a few new guidelines. This should make the For Sale section easier for everyone to use.

Please follow these guidelines BEFORE posting in the For Sale forum.

1. Price must be included and state if shipping is included.

2. Work with the interested parties to complete the sale in the order that they showed interest in your item. This interest must be shown with a public reply to your thread, Personal Messages (PM's) or emails are not acceptable communication requirements for "getting in line" to purchase an item. We suggest 48 hours as an acceptable time period to allow interested parties to contact you privately.

3. If the first user who responds to your ad does not complete the sale, you move onto the second person who responded, and so on and so forth down the list, until the item is sold. This list is dictated soley by the public replies to your ad.

4 Once item(s)are sold, please change the title of the thread to something like ("sold please delete", or just "delete").

5. Do not post in the For Sales threads unless you are purchasing the item for sale, or you are asking a quetion about it. No "you can get it cheaper at X store". If you want to inform the other person of something like that, please use email.

6. Threads that have NOT been responded to for 2 weeks will be deleted. It will be YOUR responsibility to "bump" the thread if you wish to keep it active. You may bump your own threads NO MORE than once every 7 days, doing so more often will get your thread deleted. This will make moderating this forum much easier, and will keep things tidier.

7. Please put somewhere in the post, the general area where you are located. Please also state if you will only allow pickup, or if you are willing to ship.

8. Do not post EBAY items that you've found and want to share with everyone. Please put those in the Ebay Auction Listings area. Unless it is something YOU are selling or looking for, do not put it in this forum.

9. All communication for a For Sale item should be done on the forum, not in email/PM (except for personal info like mailing address etc). Do not inform prospective buyers to contact you via email/PM, it should be done in the thread so all will have a fair chance at getting an item. Ex, Someone posts in a thread that they want to buy an item, just to find out it's already been sold to someone that contacted them via email/PM without posting in the thread. This will just help to make things a little more fair.

10. Please post your selling/buying experience good or bad in the Feedback forum. Reuse your same post (if you have one already) and edit it with the new name/s of the seller or buyer.

Thank you for your cooperation!! Or else.....jk ;)
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