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The early Hurricanes came with 13T pinions pressed onto the motors. Those are discontinued for many years. You'll need to upgrade to the new motor/gearboxes if that's what you have: ... 8-2934.htm
The later Hurricanes had 15T pinions which are available here:
Only way to know which you have is to open it up and check.
Thank you, I am fully capable of fitting the proper 32 pitch pinions.

IIRC they are the 13 tooth pinions on this one, but it has been a while since I was in there

Just need assistance in the specifications, and where to locate the proper direct replacement.

Is there a retailer that can supply the generic core of the same specification?

I assume these are 2 identical counter rotating opposing timing motors? RPM@Voltage, same mounting profile, etc etc

I have a set of little ones aching to get in and use this thing, but have not been able to locate good replacement motors that I trust.

Would love some advice from those that know how to get the correct items with out any issues.
Check your motor and see if the fisher price part number is 00968-9015 or 00968-9003. I believe this is the same/similar motor:

Here is a motor comparison chart: ... rs-571.pdf

Notice the ANDYMARK motor and Fisher Price motors are both listed with similar specs. When you get some free time, some of the robotics community websites have more motor information.

Just a couple of examples: ... Curves.pdf ... rs_101.pdf

If you could get some of the 00801‐0673 motors from some of the older 21t gearboxes (not all 21t gearboxes had these), they have better specs and will provide a little more power. The specs are listed in the links I provided.
Yes, essentially everything said here is correct. There is little to no difference I've been able to notice on any of the originally 12v motors used on #7 / #7r gearboxes. If your pinions are good, you could pick up any 12v power wheels ride off the side of the street and swap the motors into your ride using your original pinion gears.
We have used all different types of power wheels motors and just swapped pinions between them for various vehicles. Currently am running a set of traxxas 21 turn 550 motors and pinions found on ebay for $33 in our hurricane. Lots more power and easier to remove the pinion with just the set screw.

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