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By bigzaj
I bought my 5 year old a 24V Ranger model from Peg Perego for Christmas. She can ride it for a few minutes before it stops and emits a continuous beep. If we let it sit for 15-20 minutes she can ride it again, for a few minutes, then we repeat. We spent 6 hours last weekend doing this. Peg Perego thinks it is the battery, but it tests fine. Any thoughts?
By Rob222
A battery, even if new, can be permanently damaged if not properly charged between uses or run down too low. Running the battery until the vehicle comes to a stop is bad for battery longevity. As soon as it noticeably slows down pull the kid off or swap the battery.
What kind of charger do you have ? The stock chargers are not smart and may damage a battery if left on too long. Aftermarket smart chargers do a much better job.
How are you charging the battery ? Do you charge it after every use no matter how short ?
Do you have a volt meter to test the battery voltage ? Your 24v battery (really two 12v batteries in series) should read about 25.2v when fully charged. Maintain a battery correctly and it will last for years, don't and you will kill it very quickly.

12v SLA battery resting voltages: (just x2 for a 24v battery)
12.65 V = 100%
12.45 V = 75%
12.24 V = 50%
12.06 V = 25%
11.89 V or less = discharged

Resting voltage is taken at room temperature and a few hours after the completion of charging.
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By bigzaj
This occurred on the first trip out of the box. The battery was charged with the stock charger for ~20 hours before it was driven. The vehicle never noticeably slowed down, would go full speed then stop with the beeping. It has not been charged since this day. After 6 hours of intermittent use the battery tested 24.5v.

What charger should I use? If it is the battery why would it go full speed, then stop with the beeping... and then be fully operable (no performance change) after resting untouched for 15-20 minutes?
By Rob222
I don't think a bad battery would go full speed, then stop and then be fully operable after resting.
If the battery had a built-in breaker that was tripping the vehicle would not have power to beep.
So it doesn't seem like a battery problem. Maybe a bad circuit board.
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By wired
Is it a definite beep or a buzzing sound? Can you tell where the sound is coming from? What happens if you unplug the battery while beeping?
I have the same problem with my gator 6x4

I have A New battery (1month) and I checked it with the Volt meter and it's perfect 25.4v

My son drives it, sometimes 10min sometimes 1 min before it stops and starts making this beeping sound.
If you pull out the battery during the beeping stops, put it back in, touch the gas and sometimes it moves a sec sometimes a min before starting to beep again.

What could this be?????
What i did....
I sold the older gator 6x4 and bought a new with the new lithium battery.
Got it delivered yesterday, charged it al afternoon and night.
This morning 9am my son drove it out of the garage in rear, then drove to his grandparents (live next to us) over the grass and after 2 min of driving it stops and makes a beep beep beep.. sound for 30 seconds. Beeping stops and he can drive again. Few min. Later the same star fish....
my son is 2,5 and weighs 14 kilo So iT is not to heavy loaded.
I am really getting frustrated of this piece of sh..!!!!
It's new.... expensive and crappppppppppp
And you can't find a answer.
Got this from Peg Perego;

• ONE SINGLE BEEP means that the toy is ready to
• CONTINUOUS BEEP for 10 sec. Means that the
battery is fully discharged and the toy cannot
operate anymore, recharge the battery or change it
with a charged one.
• INTERMITTENT BEEP for 30 sec. means the
motors are hot. The toy will be stopped for at least
30 sec. until the motors cool down.
• Overheat condition can be reached playing longer
on some of these condition:
1 - Too much weight transported
2 - Too steep of incline to climb
3 - High grass driving into
4 - Too soft terrain (mud or sand)
5 - Irregular surface to drive on like rough uneven
terrain, stones, roots
6 - Some combination of these
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By 850-r
You can find a fuse holder at any auto parts store. I used a 40 amp fuse. You can find the thermal cut out switch by tracing the wires. On my 24v rzr it was underneath the machine under a little access panel. It looks like a little yellow box, pry it open and you will find a tiny little breaker that looks like a fuse. Mine flipped over and over at the slightest sign of rough terrain. Use this advice at your own risk and judgement but it worked great for me so far.
Today I opend the shifter, nu fuse There.
Followed the cables to the pedal, no fuse there.
Took of the back 2 weels and body so I could open up the body to see the first 2 motors and there was the motherboard with a fuse of 30amp in the board but it can't be removed of the board.
Only place I can check is in the battery, but I contacted the store and I'm going to get a new one in guaranty (not a week old and nothing but trouble)
So hopefully the new one I get is better!
But still want to find out where the thermal fuse is.
This is the latest model with the new lithium battery.

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