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Reviving a A151 Gaucho

PostPosted:Sun Mar 19, 2017 1:24 pm
by squishio
Hi Guys,

I've been given a a very neglected Gaucho A151 and I'm hoping to get it running again for my daughter (soon to be 2yrs old)
This is the first PW car I've had, so have zero experience, though plenty of automotive wiring and RC electronics, so hopefully I will pick things up quickly enough.

I have now stripped everything off, including all wiring as nothing worked (pre-recall I believe, but that didnt apply to the UK anyway?
So really my question is now, do I get a scooter ESC and put in a full wiring loom myself, or do I grab an Overhaul kit from TigerImports and get it running as it did out of the factory? (and add lights etc to function seperately)
Motors and gearboxes seem fine (I havent opened them), both run smoothly on 6v and 12v and thats probably the only positive thing I can say about this heap :(

I dont really want to make it superfast or anything, at least not to begin with, or perhaps with a low speed lock. I assume 6/12v is fine? Might be nice to keep an option open for 18v?


Re: Reviving a A151 Gaucho

PostPosted:Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:05 pm
by Rob222
The older A151 gearboxes come with RS-775SF 12vdc 230w motors which are faster than the motors in the later Gaucho gearboxes (like the ones in the kit). They have RS-755VC 12vdc 175w motors which are slower but have better cooling fans built in. All Gaucho gearboxes have the same ratio but the A151 came with shorter wheels than later Gauchos and combined with the faster motors make it pretty zippy even at 12v. The A151 came with a single 12v battery. The shifter puts the two motors in series or parallel for high or low speed. The kit may include parts you don't need. There is a good post about cleaning the shifter switches.