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By jasncab
Hi everyone. My name is Jason (jasncab). I started this forum 11 years ago for me and my daughter to share what we were doing with our power wheels.

As you probably guessed, this forum is hosted by me and run on servers I "pay for." This just means that the revenue from the advertisers at top, google, amazon etc goes to help host this site and a few others that do the same.

Why are you reading this?

The ability for sites like this to exit relies on net neutrality. This site exists because hosting fees are paid by the ads as well as all of you contributing and the mods of course.

I cannot afford to also pay comcast, cox, att, etc to allow my site to go to their users. It just won't happen.
Also small sites like this can sometimes be "slow" or perform with delay because well we are small. I can't pay for a server farm to host this site.

If Net Neutrality falls then the people you pay for internet might just choose to make this site artificially slow.

It is like the worst form of censorship. They can do it for any reason and they will be within their rights to do so.

Fighting it would be almost impossible.

So fine. Maybe you aren't so concerned that MPW is slow. I do not blame you.

What about Amazon and Netflix? If it conflicts with your ISPs interest, or they have another motive, they can and will slow your access to technology and a site. What about youtube? Kristin (the little girl in the videos) uses youtube to learn Calculus now. It would be slow for her. Also she would be pissed if snapchat and instagram got slow or whatever. This is real.

Anyway. July 12th there will be a banner showing on all page loads. It is a smart banner and is there to alert and remind you what you can do to let your congressmen know your feelings on the matter.

Mods - delete this Thursday 7/13 if I neglect to.

THANK YOU ALL for your contributions and the mods for their support.

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