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By naiku
I am trying to get a John Deere Power Loader back up and running, but having a heck of a time with getting all the problems sorted. It was not running at all, but the battery read 12.5V as did the pedal and busbar, so I jumped directly to the motors and since they were not turning ordered a pair of motor/gearboxes.

Those arrived, installed them and still nothing.

A little more research and troubleshooting later, I noticed that despite the battery being fully charged, when I pushed the pedal the voltage dropped to about 0.5V. Tried the new (and old) motors jumping from a 9V battery and they all work, so looks like I did not need new motors/gearboxes after all.... The battery is about 8 years old, so clearly dead. Ordered a new battery from batterysharks.

Battery arrived, installed it. Nothing. WTF.

At this point wondering what the heck is going on, I checked again for 12V at the pedal, then again where the power wires come into the busbar, all read 12V as expected. If I push on the pedal, I get 12V at the busbar. Nothing on the output though, so narrowing it down to either switches or the busbar. Finding the DIY on here to clean the switches I take them apart, as they also seem to be a point of failure. They looked pretty clean, but I gave them a clean up as best I could and sprayed them and the busbar down with electrical contact cleaner. All the contacts look good and shiny.

I reinstalled them into the busbar, but still nothing. I took the shifter off, opened the switches and put them back into the busbar. If I move the contacts on the front switch (handles reverse) to the reverse position and push the pedal the wheels both turn in reverse. Great!! Progress.

At this point I swapped front and rear switches, figuring that the front switch in the position of the rear switch should give me forward momentum. Nope, nothing. I also get nothing in reverse with the switches position swapped. Looking online it looks like the switches are about $12 each, but if the busbar is also being problematic may not fix the problem.

This will not work ... sgi0193ngr as I have the 12 pin shifter.

So, assuming this includes the switches and the busbar, would it be a reasonable assumption to simply purchase this: ... pgrade-kit

And with that installed be good to go. At that point I would have replaced the battery, both motors/gearboxes and from what I can tell all the wiring/switches etc.

Bit of a long post, but wanted to include everything I had already tried so I don't toss more parts at this thing and it still not work!!


Looks like your old shifter just has 2 of the switches that rock back and forth. You could probably just look on ebay and just order one of the shifters that have these switches for less than 10 bucks, take the switches out and put in your shifter. I did that on one and had less in it and tossed the rest of shifter!

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