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By 850-r
I have a stock wired 24v RZR 800 that I put rubber tires one. Since doing that it started popping the thermal protector so I swapped it to a fuse holder. I had a 30A fuse in it and it popped that after about 5 minutes when starting on a hill. What is the largest fuse I can go with?
By Rob222
Fuses are sized per the wire gauge that the they are protecting.
Stock Perego (and PowerWheels) wiring is pretty small.

Below are the recommended maximum fuse ratings for the corresponding wire sizes.
Wire Gauge / Recommended Maximum Fuse Size

6 awg 80 amps
8 awg 50 amps
10 awg 30 amps
12 awg 20 amps
14 awg 15 amps
16 awg 7.5 amps

If your fuse is too big then you are letting the wire act as a fuse. When a wire that is too small for the current going through it is installed, it can melt. A melted wire is the same in practice as a fuse, but you have to hunt it down. Generally the point of a fuse is to be the weakest point in the circuit. In our hobby we can get away with using a larger fuse than the standards recommend only because the wire lengths in a ride-on toy are so short. That being said a 30A or 40A fuse is at the limit for stock wiring.

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