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By SteveTerplak
We bought a pretty used Escalade for our nephew a few years ago. We have since had our own child who is now 4 and getting bored with his Escalade. We are pretty rural and hilly and the escalade has trouble making it up the hills.
Traction is an issue, so I think an upgrade to rubber would be good.
Power also seems to be an issue.

We thought about buying him a stock 24V vehicle but they are not widely available and super expensive.

The difficulty with this is that there is an overwhelming amount of information here and some of the key words are not what I am used to so I don't know, exactly, how to search and filter through info.

Here are my questions about potential mods
1. Wheels/tires - based on what I can find - a lawnmower wheel can be made to fit the Escalade? Is this correct? Is there any rubber wheel replacements that would just swap on with no modification?

2. Battery - I would like to upgrade to 18V or 24V. Assuming that I am going to replace motors/gears, would it make the most sense just to go right to 24V? The 12V batter is only a year old, if I go to 24V, should I get two new batteries to match them?

3. Gears/motors - I am fairly certain this is a major part of his escalade's current issues. An older child was running it pretty hard, slamming from reverse to forward trying to spin the tires...the left wheel began to not spin if going uphill after that and then the whole thing would shut down for a minute or so and then begin to work.
Is the gear on this escalade a #7 or a 7R?
I understand the 7R is better, does the machine need to be modified to put a 7R in?
How extensive are the modficiations if I switch to a 775 motor?

Based on what I have read, I need to add a fuse - does all of the wiring need to be upgraded?

I also need to add a brake controller - correct?

Thanks in advance

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