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By Neilvdm
My son was given a used Razor quad by friends of ours.
razor quad.jpg

The bike has been standing for a while as they were no longer using it. We plugged it in and charged over night.
So once you turn the throttle, you can hear a clicking sound, but the motor is not kicking in. My first thought was that the batteries went, so I replaced them, but still the same thing, only the clicking sound.

Any body that can help me as to what the problem might be? The motor?
razor quad parts.jpg

Thank you in advance
By Rob222

Do you have a volt meter to check the batteries ? You may have a bad charger.

Also, the motor has a connector into the wiring harness. Try unplugging the motor and running the batteries (or just a single battery) directly to the motor. If the motor spins your issue is with the controller, the twist throttle, or the brake switch.

On the newer built quads you have to pull in the brake lever one time (after turning on the power switch) before the motor will run. Some kind of safety thing I think.
By Muffinman
PM me if you need a new controller. I just upgraded my Dirt Quad to 36v and have the old 24v controller and throttle sitting my garage.

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