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Hi group,

I have a Peg Perego gator that I am trying to get running again...but zero signs of life.

1. I have a new battery, showing 12.7 volts at the wiring pigtail near the gear shifter.
2. The motors both run when power is applied directly to them
3. The pedel switch seems to work correctly when tested with the meter.
4. Both shifter switches seem to work correctly when tested with meter.
5. Cleaned all the switch terminals
6. Opened the wiring “hub” and the bus bars are all clean and connected.
7. With the pedel pressed I have 12.7 volts between the main white wire (from pedel) and blue wire (from battery)
7. The circuit breaker shows continuity (between it’s two terminals)

What am I missing? Is there a different connection someplace? Bad breaker?

I get zero signs of life...

Thanks for any help.

I've had switches fail such that they show 0ohms on a voltmeter, yet will not pass current. The most recent one was intermittent -- I was using it as the brake and it worked fine sometimes and other times it wouldn't work until you wiggled things or just let it sit (no real "systematic" fix). After trying various experiments I finally determined it had to be the switch and swapped it out and it's been fine since. The switch never showed any bad behavior with the DVM. I should have taken it apart to see what was going on inside but was out of time.

Maybe take out the switch and test it standalone with a "high" load (like a gearbox)? Just + from battery to switch, then switch output to motor (and - connected directly). Measure the voltage between the input of the switch and the output of the switch too , so you can see how much the switch is dropping when it's depressed.
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