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Hello guys I recently bought a second hand electric bike for my young boy of 5.
It was meant to be a temporary replacement untill I can afford to get him another for his birthday.
When I bought it I was told it was a 12 volt, but the battery had died so when I got home I took the battery out and realised it was a 6 volt. I did have a small 6 volt battery to hand to try it out and it seems to work ok but is a little on the slow side so I dropped a 12 volt battery in and it's much better, the boy tested it out and he loves it.
Now the only problem I can see from this is the instant torque straight through the plastic gearbox will break it within a few days use.
I'm wondering if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction on a throttle I can use that can gradually increase voltage upto 12 volt so not to give instant torque to the gearbox.
Or any other idea that might be better ?
I'm hoping to find a part I need and fit it before this weekend as my boy is desperate to get out on it.
Thanks very much for your help.

Im not totally sure, while searching about today i have came across similar things but im not sure if this would do the trick, anyone care to give advice ? would be very much apreciated.

The twist and go throttle that is on his bike now is off or instant 12 volt, ive had it apart and its basically 2 spade connectors that are bridged when the throttle is twisted, so ideally a throttle to let the voltage through in stages depending on how far you twist ? if that makes sense.
Even 2 stages would suffice, as 6 volt then full twist 12 volt ?
Again thanks ever so much for your reply.

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