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Posting this in the main forum...hoping for some traffic and suggestions.

Have an older escalate, 12V, was running a little worn, so I purchased new, stock gears/motors from ML toys.
Previously, I had gotten a new battery for it.

Runs great level or downhill, runs uphill for a few yards and then shuts down...

It has taken a while to see this pattern but now it has become clear that that is what is happening.

Not sure if this issue has started since the new motors were added..or if they were pre-existing but didn't see a pattern in its struggles.

I re-did the connections with appropriate crimp connectors - initially, I had it wired up with wire-nuts (I am a home handyman type...not an automotive guy...didn't know wire nuts were not the best choice with stranded wire- apparently there is a minor voltage drop which I thought might have been the issue) but it still persists struggling up hills.

Question 1 - Power Wheels Gray Sealed Top battery - I understand that the thermal breaker is in the battery.
Is there any way to replace this with a new thermal breaker or to eliminate and add a fuse while keeping the same battery? I can't find a great explanation about these types of batteries...does anyone have any pictures or diagrams?

If there is not replacement and the battery is becoming junk...should I replace with a new stock one or get one of the peg perego types with the fuse built in and just swap the connector?

Question 2: Which should probably be question 1. My son is a pretty light kid - almost 5 and still 32 pounds...when we first got this, he could not get any traction because he weighed like 18 pounds, so I built some weights for traction on the rear axle...probably an extra 12-15 is the combination of him and the weights now getting a little too heavy for hills? I don't think 45 lbs should be....but could it be?
These are not extreme hills, but we have a hilly yard.

Thanks in advance...


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