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Hello All,

I recently scored a fairly decent old Silverado Silver w/ Blue side steps... I recall that there was also the "Sawblade" version... Does anyone know if all the bits were simple add ons by FP/PW or were there actual differences from the basic original Silverado mold? That said, does anyone have and of those body parts lying around that need a home?
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Ah, the Sawblade, Thank You! I did search for it under the correct name, ... but I guess I posted the name wrong... Uhhhg!!! Amazing what lack of sleep does to a person's short-term memory/recollection .
Yes, I did search this site under Silverado and saw the "Sawblade", then searched for Sawblade, but didnt really find too much. Pretty much all basic info, but not much else. I know the Silverado has been out of production since about 2011, and none of the typical parts dealers have anything, save for the typical interchangable parts.
Does anyone actually know if it was entirely just bolt-ons to the Silverado?
And does anybody have anything in their parts piles?
I have scoured the web as well, pics help, but really dont tell me what I need to know. I did find the assembly manual, but there is no way to verify if there are differences in the parts. Some stuff matches, but the body tub part# is not avail to compare for either version.
That said, Ive already rebuilt and modified a well-worn Extreme Machine into a pretty nice machine. I still have my Little Tikes Hummer project that I added some accessories to. I scored the side steps and grille guard. It already had the lift kit, being the later "Red" version. Its going to be a "Brush Truck" with assorted brush fire gear.... all said, Id love to take this Silverado and give it a more Off Road flavor. I might end up giving it the PVC treatment, but if I can find the info and parts, why bother.
Hi man the sawblade had a few difference the hood the roll bar, sound bar, hood, foglight sound board the soft start computer board which is very rare and hard to find it allows for a soft start on take off I ended up swapping in a new harness to mine so I could run it on 18 volts I'll attach a few before and after pics I'm 98 percent done!
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