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Anything that doesn't fit somewhere else & general forum updates

New to the forum, and have recently purchased a display model Gator 6x4 from a closeout sale.
There is a small issue though - it's missing a circuit board.

I grabbed the only one that seemed to fit from their parts shelf. It may have been from a Polaris Ranger box, but it also fits the wiring diagrams I've found online for Gator 6x4.
Looks brand new, but no telling what was new and used in the boxes.
I wired it after the diagrams, but can't make the thing move. Is it the correct circuit board?

When googling, I find that MECS0016 is for the 24V Gator (don't know if it's the newer style gator or mine), and MECS0015 is for the 24V Polaris. But there is visually no difference exept for a litte extra cooling fins.

Just to be clear:
I have 2 new batteries, and tested with a new accelerator pedal and new shifter. No luck.
And I get the wheels spinning by connecting power directly. There is also 24V to the board.

What is the difference between MECS0015 and MECS0016?
Are they interchangeable?
Would love to make it work with the board I have already, and spare the expense of a new one..

MECS0016: ... id=2359941

MECS0015: ... id=2374766

This is my model: ... thium.html

Thanks for any replies that can lead me closer to getting it running.


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