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By Dasler
I have the Dynacraft jeep ... n/47921874 but it seem is starting to sag, I haven’t taken a good look yet, but it seem is coming from the flimsy wheels not the bar I might have not used the correct terminology.
I was going to link my build but the pictures are gone.

Looking for a two seater upgrade I saw locally a Jeep Hurricane ... reme-fdg13 and a regular jeep like this one ... gler-cbg61
1-Are they both considered bullet proof or one is more than the other?
2-Do the hood open on both?
3- Does the rear open on the hurricane?
4- any major know weakness to each one?
5- Which one would be considered better

For the wrangler are asking around $100 the Hurricane about $50

I think I also saw the buggy one but not to interested in that design unless that is a much better longer lasting frame.


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By M.L.Toys
1. Both very durable
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. No
5. Personal preference. Hurricane has more aggressive offroad tires which makes for a bumpier ride on pavement.

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