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My daughter fell in love with this thing the first time she laid eyes on it, but now that she’s 4 as of a month ago today, it was “too boring” for her! So not knowing where to start, I stumbled across this amazing forum that I’m sure is going to get me in so much trouble with her Dad (he’s a real mechanic, and works on real vehicles) because I keep asking him for help. Well more like, dropped it off at his house and basically begged him to see why it wasn’t running. Haha. After 3 weeks, a butchered wiring harness, and pieces that I’m sure will never be found, I replaced the relay and it came to life. Since then I have built an almost identical wiring harness, went from a 6v to 12v battery, new motor and gearbox, and got a 6 siren horn/loudspeaker (not the smartest thing I’ve done) I was showing her some of the pictures on here and now she has a list, she has already talked me into ordering led underglow lights that should’ve here tomorrow. But first things first, this thing goes from o to 10 so fast and she’s so tiny (30 lbs, 37”) she gives me a handful of grays everytime she takes a corner. It has a twist throttle on it but But all the ones I see are 24v. And I’m at a standstill with how to wire it or the led underglows up. Do I put her old battery in to run all the accessories. Sorry this post [/img]is so long. I’ve tried talking her into a different PW, but she’s not having it and I’m too young to have gray hair!! Please help!!
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Good job on figuring out the busted relay! Going from nothing to building a full wiring harness is no slouch either.

>she has already talked me into ordering led underglow lights that should’ve here tomorrow.

If you've got a link, someone can tell you how to wire it in. There's a million different light strips out there. Some work fine from 12-120 volts, others need a specific 'flavor' of go juice.

> It has a twist throttle on it

A regular 12 volt motor & gearbox on a bike will get her up to about 5-6 MPH. The stock throttle looks like a real one, but in almost every case once you turn it past a certain point, it goes straight from 0-100% power. The only thing preventing serious whiplash and broken gearboxes is the slick plastic wheels- they have terrible traction, so they act like a clutch in a car until they catch. You've got a couple of options:

1. Buy a basic ESC (electronic scooter controller) kit. About $150. Slows down the acceleration and braking.
2. Buy a full control ESC and a real throttle, $170-$200. Total speed control.
2. Get a 'potentiometer' or 'pot' throttle rated for 30 amps. Wire it up as part of the circuit between battery and motor. Get a little $3 on/off switch, mount it somewhere, run the wiring for the existing throttle to it. About $20-$40.

Now is the perfect time to teach her about helmets too. *WHEN* (not if) she eventually falls off from playing around after she's comfortable with it, the helmet will bounce off the pavement instead of her head.
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