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Anything that doesn't fit somewhere else & general forum updates
By michaeltetrick
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SigEp wrote:
chozian wrote:In regards to copyrights, reposting the user manuals may be a non-issue if we get permission from Fisher-Price, Peg-Perego, etc. I wonder how difficult it would be to get a response from them regarding something like that.
I think Fisher Price has pretty much all of them on their website, you just have to put in the name or model number of the vehicle: ... s&x=7&y=12

Kid Trax has the user manuals on their website, and separate service manuals they will send you if you ask (I have the one for the Kid Trax Fire Engine if anyone wants it).

Don't know about Peg Perego, never tried. Wouldn't mind one for my Goucho Grande though if anyone has a link.
Hey yall I just got one of these kids trax things yesterday for my boy. brought home worked about an hour now the lights dont work then after a bit it quit moving and somethings clicking on it i know the battery is charged im wondering about the components?/ do ya know where i can get a manual or some help with finding out whats wrong with it? my boy loves it and i feel like a heel not being able to let him ride it? thanks a bunch
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By SigEp
The standard Kid Trax manuals are available online like Power Wheels:

Some are helpful, some not so much. I found the firetruck manual to be very unhelpful so I emailed KidTrax and they emailed me a PDF of the "Service Guide". It's extremely helpful. Not sure what other KidTrax toys have such a Guide, you might try emailing them.

If you have the firetruck, PM me an email address that will take 7mb emails and I'll send it to you.
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