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well, it lasted good 2 days and a half. :o

while i was looking for a used stroller last night, i ran into this. i didn't know what it was. i've never seen one before but then i'm a PW rookie and my PW library is very limited.

the poster had a pic but you can't really tell much from CL pics. so i went to his place to check it out this afternoon. surprisingly, plastic is in great shape (still shiny) and it's only missing side mirrors and a tail pipe. motors and GBs appear to be ok. however there are some traces of tampering, cap wire nuts. so i'm not sure of the condition of its engine and transmission.

anyway, it's parked in my wife's SUV. I'll have to clean out my garage tomorrow in order to park this Porsche inside. this thing was made in 1991? i think i got scammed... :mrgreen:
windshield, headlight covers, turn signals and badge are still intact.
aDSC_0651.jpg (28.51 KiB) Viewed 5501 times
door handle, wheels are still in good shape
aDSC_0652.jpg (29.92 KiB) Viewed 5501 times
missing a tail pipe
aDSC_0653.jpg (25.95 KiB) Viewed 5501 times
wire cap nuts :(
aDSC_0654.jpg (28.13 KiB) Viewed 5501 times
made in 1991?
aDSC_0655.jpg (25.6 KiB) Viewed 5501 times
aDSC_0656.jpg (35.62 KiB) Viewed 5501 times

Yeah I'm slowly realizing that. I've been reading the old threads on Porsche 911 all evening. I don't think I had done this much reading when I bought my own cars.
NoahsKart wrote:Yeah I'm slowly realizing that. I've been reading the old threads on Porsche 911 all evening. I don't think I had done this much reading when I bought my own cars.
These things are sweet.I have one that is (slowly) in the works. Mine was in real bad shape but not beyond help. Luckily I got it for free and I found two New Old Stock windows for it just recently. Cherish that find, it's once in a lifetime! How much did you pay for it??
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You are right. You were scammed by an imposter Porsche and with all that tampering, I would be afraid to use it. Give me your address and I will leave now to come and save you from this rediculous imposter car
I hope you don't disappear any time soon. I will probably need a lot of help getting this thing going again.
Can you see those wire nuts and alligator clips? Hopefully it's not as bad as it looks.

I can't believe the outer appearance of this car. Even after 20 years, it looks better than my wife's old furnitures that are about the same age.
DefensiveWound wrote:WOW :o , consider yourself lucky! There are people that would kill puppies for one of those in that condition!
Put me on that list! :P

Kstorm21 wrote:Just looking at it makes me excited for future finds! .....does that mean I need help????
Nope....already beyond help! It's all down hill from here.

I used three 6volt 12ah gruber batteries in mine to make 18volts. They fit pretty well.
DefensiveWound wrote:How much did you pay for it??
well, mine wasn't free. by you guys standard, i probably overpaid for it.
bDSC_0657.jpg (31.22 KiB) Viewed 5407 times
Hey I just noticed that you had a PP Gator mentioned in your thread. Im not sure where in the ATL you are but I have a fleet of Gators and I am not a fan of PP. Im pretty sure I can hook you up on whatever you may need as long as you dont mind green
awesome, thanks for your offer. as mentioned in my signature, it needs a lot of parts to look decent again. it was my first buy and a BIG mistake. i went to the previous owner's place on a rainy evening. i knew it was missing battery, charger and battery cover. but i didn't know to check the GBs by hand turning them.
nevertheless, i took it home and found out one of the GBs was broken and plastic was chalky. :(
a lesson learned from this was that you NEVER buy a car (real or PW) on a rainy day.
if you have a spare GB for sale, i'm interested. i think i'll make this gator as a learner's car for my boy then maybe upgrade it to HPX later if he likes the gator.
Almost all of us get burnt on one when we first start. I paid $30 bucks for a plain jane faded jeep unibody with dead batts and recalled connectors. Today I would haul it off for parts and thats about it. Live and learn.

As for 15 Most of us tightwads probably would have dropped 50 on that and still though we did good. You did awesome!
Yeah man. I got you hooked up. Just hit me up when you have some free time and I can get you fixed up with just about anything you need. It wont cost you.
ms1120 wrote:Yeah man. I got you hooked up. Just hit me up when you have some free time and I can get you fixed up with just about anything you need. It wont cost you.
oh man, you're spoiling me big time. i'll politely ask you when that time comes. probably in feb since my son's birthday is in march. i'd like to get the gator ready for his big day. allow me to pay for shipping (i have a ups acct thru my job) and buy you a cold drink of your favorite beverage.

notice i quoted you so you won't be able to back out of this CONTRACT!!! :twisted:
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By avho
Oh man, what a find!!! Sounds like an awesome little project car!
Thanks guys and here's a quick update on the Porsche...

We had an awesome weather down here in ATL today so I got a chance to play with the Porsche a little.
Whoever attempted to repair it previously actually made it worse by mis-wiring battery wires to a motor and vice versa.
This resulted a short(s) somewhere, there were a least 6 inches of melted insulation in each of the wires.
So I will have to cut off the damaged wires and resplice them.
I also had to re-solder the pedal resistor since it wasn't broken off from one of the posts.

After a bit of tracing, I was able to sort out the wiring. Then I briefly tested it with a 6V battery and it looks like everything is working properly including the shifter, motors and GBs.
So I'll just have to grab some 10 AWG wires next time I go to Home Depot or Lowes.

BTW I lost another freebie, a Hummer, while I was working on this. I guess you score some and lose some.

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