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What all do you know about the Corvettes? I'm picking one up tonight off of craigslist. Its a red Compuware race car one. From the reviews I find it seems people are half and half on them. They either like them or hate them. I'll post some pics once I get it home. this one is dad's car. lol so now I have a new project.

What do you want to know? I've flipped a few of them. I can tell you they are built very solid (are a little heavy) and have some very cool features like lights, turn signals, fm radio, and racing sounds. They also look really cool. I think most of the parts are still available, even the decals.

Dad's car huh? I hope you weigh under 130 lbs... :lol:
I'll add that the "red" compuware racing corvettes are rare in my area. I've only seen a couple and the sellers wouldn't bend on their prices. Mostly I just see the yellow versions.
I guess my main question is how do people on here feel about them. Like them or hate them? Since all the reviews I've read online are so half and half.

Needs a battery of course. but came with the charger and old one. So thats an easy fix. But I love the body style and like SigEp said they are very solid. The radio works and it drove the kids wild, now I gotta get radios in thier Jeeps. lol I wanna speed this thing up. But I'll post pics later tonight.
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I for one like them, specifically the racing version (like you got). I wouldn't say it's my top 5, but definitely a #6.

That's a great price, well worth it!
I think the main downside to them is that they use a circuit board to control the drive-train, which is more prone to failure, fairly expensive to replace, and makes overvolting more difficult. :|

12VWiz has a great write-up for bypassing the circuit board while retaining the original features (except for soft start), using 5 Relays. 8-)
Or you can use 2 Relays to have only the drive-train bypass the circuit board, but low speed would be eliminated. :|
That is a nice one. They really are awesome little cars that do have circuit board problems.. Other than that, like others said, they have so much going for them - very sturdy, sounds, FM, lights, etc. The windshield stickers usually get all bubbly and nasty, but that one looks perfect!

BTW, either the reflections are strange or that wing is on backwards. It should slope up toward the back of the car.
Yeah I've been reading on the board problems. I ran a test on the power and it all works, just getting the funds together and the wife's approval to buy a couple Gruber batteries.
I think I'm looking at the bypass with no slow speed. I do wanna 18volt this if I can get my brain around it.

It is in pretty good shape. I'm really excited about it.
I wish I could find replacement radios to put in my kids jeeps. They love that thing. Any ideas?? I've seen the ones on ebay but I was looking for something more "real" looking i guess.

These ones.. ... 43a6b6ffdd

Oh and yes the spoiler is on backwards, I looked at a picture of another one and mine is backwards, thats an easy fix. :lol:
Here's how you can bypass the circuit board with the drive-train only...
Click to animate.
Another downside though (which I forgot to mention :? ), is that braking will be 'full lock', and cannot be disabled or softened with a resistor. :|

You would need at least one of the SPDT Relays to operate at 6V, but these linked below will operate at 6V or 12V and are inexpensive, so you could use two of them... ... tt=30M9197
As far as radios go, check out the new Super Power Gaucho radios. NSAEllis had a bunch of them. I bought one for my Grande and it works and looks great. Seems like the price wasn't too bad on them either.

This is what it looks like: ... G_1525.jpg

And this is the thread it came from: ... C_ID=21787
jparthum wrote: Another downside though (which I forgot to mention :? ), is that braking will be 'full lock', and cannot be disabled or softened with a resistor. :|

So "full lock"? as soon as the gas is let off the wheels lock up and you skid to a stop? Sounds like it would be hard on the gears and tires, but is that any different from a normal Power wheel?

And Jfoust, I'll definitly be getting those radios. Great price and the MP3 aux is awesome. Thanks for the help and the links.
No prob! You'll like the radio. We're kind of out in BFE (I don't get good reception with my car radio or anything in the house) so the MP3 jack is great. I have an old, cheap MP3 player with some songs on it for the kids and they use that in the Gaucho. Works great.

I assume that's what he meant by "full lock" - skidding to a halt. The PW's don't quite lock up, there's just a lot of resistance so it rolls to a stop quickly.
Oh yeah the MP3 aux totally convinced me. My kids are huge Beatles and Kiss fans they love music, so loading up a cheap mp3 player with thier favorites would just make thier day. Very cool.
vedderman123 wrote:So "full lock"? as soon as the gas is let off the wheels lock up and you skid to a stop? Sounds like it would be hard on the gears and tires, but is that any different from a normal Power wheel?
Yeah :| - As jfoust said, in heavier vehicles, a resistor is usually added to the brake circuit in order to 'absorb' some of the electrical resistance that serves as braking when the motors are shorted together (yeah, it's backwards - instead of creating resistance, in this case the resistor resists resistance :shock: :? ). But with this design, the brake circuit also provides motor power, so braking can't be eliminated, and adding a resistor would slow one motor when under power (and probably destroy the resistor too). :|

It's certainly not as elegant as 12VWiz's design :oops: , but if you want a 'quick and dirty' solution, this will remove the high current from the circuit board (the reason why electronics typically fail) while retaining the accessories features provided by the board, and allowing you to over-volt the motors. :|
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I've got the pink corvette 5053A from a garage sale for $60. The battery tests okay with a dmm, but it only lasts in the car for like 5 minutes. Everything else on the car seems fine so I'm assuming the battery is shot (It's a safety 1st). I'm new to all this and am so thankful I found the site. I've read up and plan to get this battery... ... 2035wt_932

Or one from a local battery store that is 12 V 12 ah. Then chopping off the car harness.

Someone please tell me if should go a different route. I don't think I'm capable of volting up just yet.
Just make sure it will fit. I know this one will fit like a glove: ... 2eb84dbfff

And make sure to add an inline fuse on the positive wire.
New battery works great! Too bad I didn't have the patience to wait for the Gruber and spent twice as much at the local store. They guy did take the wiring harness off the old battery so I didn't have to chop the car harness. I noticed there is both a 40A fuse on the car and battery. I thought we only needed one in line fuse?
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Does anyone know where to get replacement tires/wheels for the corvette? We looked online and we cannot find any replacement wheels for the Corvette. I also tried going to get pneumatic tires and wheels and custom building the drive hub but cannot fine a wheel with the correct dimensions to mount on the car. If I can even get the rubber strap that goes around the tires for traction I could get by with that. We have a Vette that we purchased at a yard sale and have repainted it and are fixing it up for the grandkids.
When we first got the Vette the motors turned, repainting the car the battery works, and all electronics work but we cannot get the wheels to turn. You can hear a "clicking" sound when you push the pedal but the wheels do not turn, even with the wheels off the ground. Does anyone have any suggestions?
tnhammond wrote:We just bought this same car bug it's missing the front two tires. Does anyone know where we could order some? Thank you!!
Post in the "Wanted" section and include a photo of your car.
Circuit board is kaput likely
On mine I ripped out all of the stock wiring for the drive and replaced it with a power wheels ninjas quad harness and a gaucho shifter, and wired the lights and sounds to the new battery(tthat's all inside the steering wheel)
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