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Anything that doesn't fit somewhere else & general forum updates
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By taz11
Finally! It took a while to find the time and courage to do this. As most of you know, I am computer challenged :P :oops:

If you find something about it that does not work, let me know. This was my first attempt at creating a new forum, so I may have missed some things.

I will move some old topics in as I find them.


aVWguy wrote:should i put the front end work on the magica here??? (i'll edit and use this post if it fits)

Try this forum. viewforum.php?f=60
Where do I go to ask about how to install two more motors and wiring q's ?
good day. just discovered your site and i will really like to know all the parts i will need to be successful in my power wheel conversion . i want to purchase a Avigo Audi R8 Spyder 6 Volt Ride from toys are us can you please send this information to my email because i don't know my way around your site as yet my email is XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

edit* Emails will come to the email you provided when you registered.
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since my computer wont let me post in the wanted section... does anyone have a front steering module for a lil ford f150? mine broke tonite. was letting my buddys daughter drive it around and she caught a concrete stump going backwards and broke off at the end. wheel was flopping around in the wheel house. the truck number is P 5064 its part number is C3493-2279. looks like all the parts places for these deem them as unavailable. otherwise ive considered just trying to rig it.. thanks in advance : )
I am new to this and joined this site for my 9 year old son. He wants to modify his Mustang. He wants to put larger wheels like from a dune buggy or Gator on it. He has already put new Mustang tires on it himself and taken parts off of it. I need to know if I order him larger wheels will they fit? Also, he wants to add a trunk like on the Gator. I told him this is impossible but he insists it isn't. Also, please advise of any easy mods for him to do with mom or dad helping who are not mechanically gifted.
To all of the Newbie's who have posted in this thread,

Each of you have asked for someone to spoon feed you the answer to your question ("give me a fish so I can eat today"). This forum is geared to a "teach you how to fish, so you can eat for a lifetime" approach.

The first thing you should do is start (anywhere) reading. You will be surprised how much you learn from doing just that. Hopefully one of the things you will learn is where (what forum) and how (what questions to ask) to post your questions. In 99.9% of the cases, anything that a new person will ask has been asked and answered many times over. By asking the same question again you are telling everyone on the forum that your time is too valuable to sit down and read, but that their time (people with the expereince and expertises) is not valuable at all and they should stop everything and help you.

I can tell you from personal expereince that within this forum are some of the nicest, smartest and most helpful people you will find anywhere (myself excluded of course). Show them that you are respectful of the forum, their time and the overall approach of the community and I am sure you will be showered with an endless stream of information and more importantly "direct help" (I step off the soap box).

Welcome, to the forum. I hope you stick around for a while and are able to accomplish your BPRO related goals, no matter what they may be (What does BPRO stand for? [smile],... that my friend is the right question and prehaps the first thing you should find the answer too - The search will be well worth the effort).

Good luck.

Racer X
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I am new to post, but have had this website bookmarked for two years now. I am also new to posting on forums and hope this is the right thread. I have some questions about replacement wheels for Street Scene Chevy Silverado. This is the truck with escalade wheels. I have done the 18v conversion thanks to yous guys and now need new wheels lol. I looked and they seem to be discontinued. How do I know what wheels will work with which axle/gearbox/bushings? Also have all the new PW and PP been given the rubber treatment?
smoothoperator wrote:Is there a reason why I can't reply in the suspension category and I can in other categories. I'm using my cell.
This site is cool but not that user friendly
You may be trying to post in a locked thread
smoothoperator wrote:Is there a reason why I can't reply in the suspension category and I can in other categories. I'm using my cell.
This site is cool but not that user friendly
It is being upgraded Monday!

This year it has had 4 upgrades. Server and software.

If you didn't notice, it is a bit faster this week due to another software (on the server) upgrade.

Please stick with it. It'll be upgraded to be like (looking different than)" onclick=";return false; next week.
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