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Welcome to!

Posted: Fri Jan 21, 2011 6:14 pm
by GSEric69

This is a welcome message from the team at

First and foremost, Welcome to the site! We're very glad to have you here.

Please note that your very first post to the site has to be approved before it's posted. This is nothing against you, we had to implement this to help keep the spammers away. Don't worry, you're post will be approved shortly.

For those of you that are first timers here, we have a lot of information on the old Archived Forum. We're still in the process of moving information over from that site, but there is a wealth of valuable information there and it will always be around for you to search. Be sure and check out the old FAQ Section while you're over there.

We are pretty laid back on the forum, but we do have a set of guidelines we ask you to follow when posting.
  1. Be sure to read the FAQs before posting. Chances are good your question has already been answered in there
  2. Be courteous and friendly. No harsh, course or foul language. This is a G rated, family oriented site.
  3. Be respectful of one another, and respect each person’s ideas and opinions
  4. Use the search feature (located in the upper left of the screen), it's a very helpful tool (and on the Archived Forum too)
  5. Limit your posts to one thread per topic. No need to post the same question in multiple areas
  6. Be sure to read any specific guidelines that may be posted in each section before posting
  7. No Spamming
  8. Have fun!

Re: Welcome to!

Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:04 pm
by ms1120
Also, Please only post a new thread ONCE if you have just joined. Your new post must be approved by a moderator before it shows on the forum. You will be notified when it has. Multiple posts that are the same will be deleted.