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Review your power wheels (or others) here for all to see!
By Nightmare
I was looking at the PW Hurricanes a while back. It seemed like most of the reviews on Toys-R-Us, Wal* and Amazon were fairly bad. People complained that:

The Radio sucks
The GPS was just a sticker (I guess the older ones had lights or something)
The car was damaged out of the box
The car broke withing a few weeks

I check the sites now and most of the reviews are very good.

4 Stars on Toys-R-Us
4.5 Stars on Wal*
4 Stars on Amazon

Did Fisher Price get this tings fixed? Did someone (FP) manipulate the reviews?

How are the new Jeep Hurricanes?


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By SigEp
Not sure if they made some upgrades. I think ours is an older model. I think it's a great truck.


It definitely looks tough with the big wheels and tires. It's built very solid, almost Gaucho quality. The radio is typical PW quality, but works good. It's got cool dash lights and a sound machine with engine revving and tells you which way you're turning. It also tells you if you shifting into Forward and Reverse and revs if shifting into 5mph Forward. I really like all the space. There is space for a couple batteries, plus a whole additional "trunk" in the front. The seat has 3 adjustments similar to a Gaucho. Almost the entire truck uses only one size phillips screw. Keeps taking it apart and putting it back together very simple. It has realistic headlights and taillights. They don't have actual bulbs, but would be easy to wire up some LEDs.


It's crazy heavy. The wheels are super knobby without a strait center, so it rides rough on pavement. The steering shaft is hokey like other PW brand ride-ons. It takes some strength to turn the wheel (more than it should for a little kid). I've heard it doesn't have great gearboxes and if you up-volt, you can strip them out. I don't have experience with that though.
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By rinowish
Before finding this site, and now look for used PWs on the cheap, I had read that there were pretty significant, low quality changes, between older models and the newer models with the Hurricanes.

And the big faux pas on the store's part was that they would be displaying the older model, parent's buy and get it home, and is lacking what the one in the stores displayed.

I "think" the green ones are the older? and blue are the newer? (maybe I have that reversed)
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By jam1ej20
rinowish wrote:I "think" the green ones are the older? and blue are the newer? (maybe I have that reversed)
That is reversed. The blue ones are older and the green ones are the newer ones. I have also seen the newest one which looks black on the website but is apparently actually gray. I think the gray one is a walmart exclusive and is apparently lacking in some features such as actual headlight covers (uses stickers instead).
When I got mine (an older blue one) it had a broken gear but in talking to the guys at mltoyz, I learned that the new gearbox is redesigned and is supposed to be stronger so maybe they have fixed that issue. I have mine over-volted with a turbo button to 18v and have not had any issues since I replaced the broken gear.
The first ones also had a steering issue that has been fixed. The steering rod would get stuck in the rack and pinion in the bottom and wouldn't turn easily. That can be fixed if you research the old forum.
I would recommend it. My son is almost 4 but is tall for his age and about 45lbs; he loves it and fits it very well with the seat all the way back. Hope this helps!
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By killerdwood
I wanted to get one but I saw how much there were brand new and I knew there was no way the wife was going to let me get it. I am looking on CL, FC, and Ebay for them cheaply. I hate to hear that they are heavy, because I put all my power wheels up in the shed once the kids are done playing with them for the day. I know the speed will be about the same as other vehicles, but I live out in the country near a bayou so one of these would be great for the kids.
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By Qcustomz1
i picked up a green hurricane used for 60$ on CL works great.. as for the ride on pavement its horrible with those knobbys vibrates like crazy.. im switchin to rubber tires asap!. mine also had a steering issue but i fixed it clear away the rubbing plastic
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