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By jackytutu
Hey guys, so I couldn't really find any posts on this forum about this vehicle. It's all mostly power wheels and trucks and vehicles like that so I thought I'd post some pics and my impressions of the BMW i8 that I just picked up for my son!

Car bought here: ... ther-seat/
Very helpful people and their website and youtube channel has a lot of videos on all of their cars.

-Officially licensed so it looks great
-Customized leather seat
-A very nice and responsive dashboard that has push start button, MP3, music, FM radio, micro SB slot, a button that tells short stories, volume and song control, speed control, voltmeter and lights.
-Assembly was really easy. Although I might have hooked up the terminals wrong and the accelerating controls on the car and the remote are flip flopped. (so the forward button on the RC reverses the vehicle and vice versa) Also applies on the stick inside the car. (but we can just say that he'll be downshifting haha)
-I thought that the MP3 speaker would be pretty weak at first but when you plug your phone, it's pretty loud. :D
-RC connection to the car was pretty simple and easy although it took a few tries
-I was told by the sales rep that the battery comes pre-charged and I didn't have to charge it so I was able to drive it for a bit. I'm charging it regardless atleast for 4 hours.

-Obviously a bit more pricey than other ride ons
-Was told by another user on the thread that it may not be the most suitable to mod because of all the extra features
-Battery is 12V 7amph battery. Cars not as fast as i'd like it to be out of box but hey, isn't that why were all here?

Lived up to every expectation that I had. I'm new to this forum and also new to kids ride on cars but I am pretty stoked about the first one I bought for my son. He is turning 2 and the speed of the car is perfect for him right now but when he gets older, best believe I will probably be back on this forum asking for tips on how to make his car faster. If not this one then another one. Enjoy the pics!!
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