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By pegperegooooo
THIS REVIEW WAS ON THE OLD SITE. I brought it over because there's been a few "what should I buy?" threads.

I got two of these for my boys birthdays ($229.00 at Wal-mart Site-to-Store). My boys are 4 and 2 years old. We were originally looking to buy just one RZR but just couldn't stomach the $600+ price tag. I stumbled upon these and at the price it made sense to just buy two.

Assembly was fairly simple for people with pretty much any mechanical skills and a screwdriver. The quality of construction seems very good. On the initial drive my wife rode with my two year old which combined was probably close to 150 lbs (I don't think it would be good to have that much weight on for long) but it handled the weight just fine.

The "suspension" is less than expected but does seem to aide in traction on the grass. Travel is about 1/2". Speaking of traction they do very well in grass and up hills. I rarely need to give them the bump unless they're going uphill on our gravel driveway. Pavement traction is good as well.

They are considerably bigger than I was anticipating. My two year old is tall for his age, but he can't place both of his feet on the "pegs." He rides with his right foot on the gas and his left 2-3 inches off the pegs.

They are very easy for the kids to ride. It took my two year old 3 batteries to be riding it full speed like a champ. The steering is easy for him, though I'd imagine 4 wheelers are easier than steering wheels. I'm not trying to brag but my two year old's motor skills and ability to figure things out fast are freaky good. We never thought he'd be able to ride this already but figured he'd grow into it.

It seats two but I'd advise against it. My four year old was flipped off the back by my two year old.....twice, landing on his mellon. We no longer ride with two on because of it. They used to offer a cargo box that attached to the rear that would prevent flipping off, but don't any more.

The main reason for writing this review was to give people considering the 24 volt quad another option. I bumped the 4 year olds up to 18 volt using a jumper wire and a 6 volt battery we had from a tractor and the difference is dramatic. At 18 volts it goes 7-8 MPH easily, never gets stuck and makes the kid yell WOO-HOO, literally. The conversion is simple. There's enough room under the seat to put 5 batteries if you wanted (DON'T). It seems the 24V is basically the same quad with different electronics but it cost $200 more.

So in my humble opinion it's a great buy and would give it 4 3/4 stars out of 5, deducting a quarter star just because if you're going to advertise suspension, make it as good as you reasonably can. Make it have more travel.
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UPDATE: After 3 months of ownership and a few dozen batteries, still no complaints, problems or mechanical failures even on the 18 Volt one. A great buy IMO.

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