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By aVWguy
haveing gotten used to powerwheels i really didnt expect what i found when i bought this little car .. there are alot of neat details i havent seen on the other BPROs i've played with

---------first impressions--------------------

the real latches and functioning door, deck handles where a nice touch

the body seems to be well scaled and shaped

the little radio seems cool and every kid thats wandered into the shop and seen it LOVES that

adjustable seats where a well thought out idea (my son is a bit smaller then everyone his age)

---------------------getting dirty and popping it appart--------------------------------

the connection between body and floorpan is solid and could easily be sealed

it has steel tube reinforcements in the body

not as much flex as i expected with the body removed

the wire, switch guard on the bottom of the car fits nice

wiring is tucked away nicely and not seen unless its taken appart (if the kid dont see it the kid dont try to play with
it :lol: )

---------------------------------------------things that may need some work ;) --------------------------------

lack of structural braceing in the center of the floorpan (little too much like the real VW)

the wire,switch guard isnt sealed at all so it traps any dust, dirt and water that splashes in

there seems to be no way of hideing the battery from the kids (it IS in the trunk lol)

all and all i say this is a very cool and for the most part solid well thought out toy and ALOT tougher then i ever expected something like this to be
i guess if it can survive the years it has AND a 12 mile trip down the chenango river when it flooded and still come out in the shape i found it in when i bought it :lol: it is one RUGGED BPRO

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