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By SigEp
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Note: Sticker sheet decals have not yet been applied in photo.

All in all, this is a very cool car. Here's what I see as initial positives and negatives.


It's very simple to put together. Essentially all you have to do is put on the front bumper, put the steering wheel together, and apply decals. Power Wheels is apparently now using locking nuts instead of push nuts for both ends of the steering shaft. GREAT IDEA! Makes it much easier for both assembly and disassembly.

The car just generally looks cool. The new wheel color looks nice and I like the spoiler on the back. I also like that they basically still have the original slot for a 12v battery. All they did was screw in a little lid on top to hold a 6v in place. If I remove that, a 12v would be a perfect fit.


The shifter is sloppy. Reverse is solid, but forward is really loose. I think they basically just used a 12v shifter and removed a forward switch. So when you go into forward, there is a big area to slop around. It even still has a spot for a lockout screw (no longer useful) though a screw of course is not included.

The fit on the front bumper was a little off and required some manhandling to get it to fit. Also, one of the screw holes was sealed shut and I had to drill it out. This would have been a deal breaker for someone less handy...

The front windshield "eyes" do not have a plastic panel over them. It's just a big sticker across the front. I can already forsee this getting dirty and damaged quickly. And for that matter, the other "pre-applied" stickers were not done well. They all have bubbles and the ones on the rear fenders actually have wrinkles in them which I fixed by carefully peeling them back and re-applying them.

And last, the turning radius is VERY small. This thing will need a wide street to turn around on.

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By taz11
Divinar wrote:To fix the turning radius - look at ... IC_ID=4356
and ... C_ID=16698

AAAA.... beat me to it ;)

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