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Have a good/bad experience with a seller or buyer? Post it here. Not a bash session, see inside for guidelines.
By Eraser
First package from FredDerf arrived and all was as expected......great communication and packaging.

I'm close, but still arrived within 36 hours of payment!!!


By FredDerf
Fast shipping after payment is my goal. I will never accept payment till im ready to ship fast for any member. Life sometimes throws us curve balls but if payment is sent no excuse but to ship asap. Btw thanks for the kind words Eraser.
By O1PewterWS6
Everything went smooth with Mr. FredDerf, product arrived fast and exactly as expected!
By 311hemi
I'm new to the forums and FredDerf contacted me about a post I had in the wanted section. He had the part I needed and the communication and payment was all completed to FredDerf that same day. Great, quick communication and the shipping was fast. I got the part earlier than I had expected!

Thanks for the easy transaction, nice to see how you all have this forum ironed out to make transactions/communications visible to everyone!
By O1PewterWS6
O1PewterWS6 wrote:Everything went smooth with Mr. FredDerf, product arrived fast and exactly as expected!
Once again he delivers!
By BradA
My first purchase with FredDerf was great. He went above and beyond. Fair price and fast shipping. He even threw in a couple extras to make sure I had everything I needed. I will come back to him if there are parts I need for sure.
By intense98neon
Shipped exactly what I wanted fast, even with the holidays in the mix! I would definitely do business again.....
By PFunk19
Got a 3A gearbox, motor and wheel driver. FredDerf was great to deal with. Would definitely do business with again.

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