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These can be from a member or not! Anything on Ebay that is interesting for the members goes here.
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By driveguy
I have an Eliminator that is in good to excellent shape, my opinion. It's been stored indoors its whole life and has no sun fading. Still has battery cover, stickers all in good shape and not all scratched, torn, or peeling. Wheels still have a lot of life left to them. I would like to get the most I can out of this (of course who wouldn't). I know shipping these things assembled would not be cheap, however from what I understand the Eliminator is a little more rare and desirable (and this one is in nice shape). I eBay on occasion and am comfortable listing it there. To the questions. Where is the best place to list this? Or should I list it in multiple places? And how much should I expect to get out of it? I kind of googled around and didn't get a good feel for what I should do. I may post pics later this week when I have time to pull it off of the top (10' shelf) of my pallet rack.

Note: feel free to chime in on the following as well. I also have a 12V 2 seater jeep wrangler that's in good shape, same deal, always inside not faded etc. etc. wheels on this may a little more worn, but are still good. but since it's more common was planning on the Craigslist route. The color is different though, it's kind of a metallic bronze color, which I haven't seen around. And lastly, I have an Extreme Machine that is for parts only, it's not that nice, sun faded, gearboxes bad, but all of the plastic is still solid and could be refinished. I'm looking to part it out (would sell whole for right price)...same questions as the Eliminator, what's the best way/place to sell these parts. Again, I'm comfortable with eBay.

PS: I don't want to end up in some hall of shame for asking too much, at the same time I don't want to give it away...If I do that I'll just donate to goodwill and take a tax deduction for it. And a last note, these are all stock, they have not been modified in any way.

Well who knows if you'll be back here to see this, but let's start with a few questions.

Roughly where are you located?

Roughly how much are you looking to get?

More than a few members here may very well be interested? I know for the right price I would be, if you're in the Midwest???
I often have the exact same questions, but I have some answers too...

This is going to be long, so I'll start by responding to your question and then throw out some of my experience:

I got a sad, tired, faded, badly-painted Eliminator for free with a Hurricane that I wanted. My son fell in love with the "one-wheeler" (he was 3 and had a 4-wheeler, initially calling the Eliminator the one-wheeler, then discovering that it too had 4 wheels and stated, "Dad! Dad! This one's got 4 wheels TOO!... I'll still call it the One-Wheeler). Anyway, he LOVED it, rode it all the time, and after rolling his Polaris Sportsman 2X (on 24v) in front of his mother (full safety gear, no injuries to him (just to me from the wife)) he literally rode the tires off of the Eliminator. Searching the internet I could find ONE rear tire for $49+ shipping on Ebay. I'd have paid a LOT for an excellent condition Eliminator. I eventually swapped an entire axle, gearboxes, motors, wheels and tires from a Peg Gator to it.

Eventually I found one, 3 minutes off my route home, in SPECTACULAR condition (not a faded or scratched sticker, near zero wear on the tires, owned by a girl that never rode it and was now 11) for $40!!!

I think an exceptional quality Eliminator with a charger and usable battery should bring $250 easy...

I've actually flipped a bunch of PW in the last year, netting near $1k in profit. I keep an eye on Craigslist and anytime I see any of the newer, bigger rides posted for under $80 I pick them up. Some are $40 or less. With a wash, some Armor-All, and occasionally switches, I've sold most for $140+.

Recently I saw an excellent Grave Digger come up on Craigslist. Searching the internet there was one on ebay for $650!!! I got the one delivered to my house for $50. Washed it, Armor-Alled it (actually the kids did) posted it, and had a guy asking where to bring the cash in 6 hours...

That said, I just picked up an amazing Safety 1st Batmobile. It's HUGE, awesome, PERFECT, and my guess is worth $500, I haven't gotten a single real hit on it on Craigslist in 3 weeks :(

The right buyer (a wealthy Batman fan) would probably pay $500+ for it, but I don't know how to reach that buyer.

There are a bunch of local "Kids or Moms" swap sites on Facebook that have CRAZY traffic, like 100+ transactions per hour sometime. But I haven't seen any for Power Wheels.

I really don't understand why this site isn't ON FIRE with all the Power Wheels in circulation...

Gabe and Garret, the brothers that do the reviews, mostly of BPROs, made over $700k on Youtube last year!!! ... 00-a-year/

Why don't we have that kind of traffic here???

I dunno, but I'd love to find out ;)

Where should I post my Batmobile?
Edac, that's awesome right there!
And while he's ripping up the sidewalk, film him using a vintage vhs camcorder.... ya know the big old ones, and just tell everyone that you're filming the trailer for a new film!
Great score on the GD, and I just wish there was an eliminator or xtreme machine around here! That thing looks cool.
Well. It's been a few weeks and I finally made it back here. It took a little while to get my first reply and so I kind of gave up after a week. The eliminator is still on the pallet rack in the barn. But will be coming down soon.

I am in the Midwest, Indianapolis to be exact. and I was hoping for the $250+ mark. I have 12aHr SLA 12V batteries that are fairly new I could put in it, also (if I can find them) I have standard PW chargers and some pigtails made from PW battery connectors that lets you use a standard SLA battery but plug it into the PW without hacking a harness etc.

When I get it down I will post some pics here. I may try to convince my wife to let me keep it for the grandkids that we hope to have in 10-15 years... but she will tell me I have too much junk in my barn and something has to go. I will try to post pics of the extreme machine parts and the jeep to see what you guys think.

and $700k+ reviewing toys ??? if I only knew. I would be retired in two years of doing that.

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