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These can be from a member or not! Anything on Ebay that is interesting for the members goes here.
By Roadmonkeytj
I missed this one ... I was looking on South bend ... There's a guy with a jake, bigfoot, and quad for 75 but they are rough
By Suburbancharlie77
Monkey, gonna grab it tomorrow.
Will use it for a fire marshal friends block party.... then will just be sitting and patiently waiting! Get me some CJB turbo timers in exchange. Have you got PayPal?
By Suburbancharlie77
I'll most likely find a use for the additional light kit, and possibly the wheels, but unless I get another one of that brand, the motor/gearboxes will go with the truck. I forget what else is in the extra stop, picking up the gutted box of parts??
I emailed both sellers just a bit ago, but haven't heard back yet.

Still no response from the seller.....
By Suburbancharlie77
All's good to go for the pick up! Should have it about 4:30 today.

But if startemyoung is who I think, he may strong arm me for a motor/gearbox from the extra stop box o parts?
By Suburbancharlie77
Good news
Bad news......
If Ya don't want the bad news, only read this post!

So, I spoke to your wife, and she said get it, so it's here!
It's clean, I've never seen one before, so I dunno if the stickers were a bit "duller" than the plastic, but that's the case. I think all of the parts are there, and only wear seems to be on the fake chrome rear bumper.
OK, quit reading
By Suburbancharlie77
Well, some more good news.....
It was $50 less

That's cuz only the lights and sounds work =(
I'll wait for a response before doing anything, but that board has to be bypassable for drive action, only catch is the shifter doesn't seem to be up to the task of handling any significant amperage. I was eyeballing a hurricane shifter, but didn't see what size hole the original is.

More bad news
The "box o parts" wasn't quite what I expected. There's a pedal and shifter, but that's about it.... the wheels, motors, and gearboxes are for a power wheels Harley. The truck has an original battery, but it Kelsey'd.

Now it's near 2 hours further!
I did almost 250 miles here today. I'll dig into testing the board tomorrow? I gotta get that thing running, cuz it's freaking huge, and I've got NO WHERE to hide it!!! When she sees it, it's going to have up to maybe a week before she won't get off my @§§ to be driving it.

I really wish you'd use a darn phone.... this would be SO much easier!!!
Well I've read about there being some level of a recall, maybe startemyoung or CJB mentioned it??? And the shifter, pedal, and board ALL look similar to this DJG corvette I have, just like what Mr Pat has. I'll see if I still have the info, and give them a call tomorrow and see if "by chance" there's any level of coverage??? No I did make mention to the pleasantly chested woman about her tendency to mail in warranty cards, and if this was involved in the recall, I don't think it's been upgraded, because my DJG plug has a fuse in the battery plug, and the fire truck doesn't.
Monkey, have I told you I hate you? I very much despise having to think while I type! Yes, yes, I know, I'm long winded on the phone too, but this novel is like an hour in!

I had called before buying the vet, and the nice lady at the 800# said ownership is NOT the priority, getting a safe product under a kids butt is, or something to that effect?!?! So I'll fart around, and hopefully get/have/determine some juicy facts about what's going on with it, otherwise, it's here, and one way or another it's gotta be gone or working by August 13th for the fireman's block party. Besides, you need time for your customization. I'll see what I can do as far as some local badges too.

By Suburbancharlie77
Cut/paste from the email I had sent to the vet seller

So in searching for info, I've found there were a few recalls on that vet. Again, if you're contemplating keeping it, one issue was a battery connector, quite possibly the cause of its intermittent issue. The parts are free, it does transfer ownership, and sounds like a rather simple fix? The 800# I finally got that is responsible for sending parts is 800-626-2811
It was about a 4 minute hold, not too bad. But if you are on the fence about keeping it, Mike would be able to fix that for you once you get the parts sent. If you decide you still want to sell it, I'm your man! Just let me know. Also, in my research, it sounds like it has sound effects, tail lights, and flip up headlights? That's awesome, do those items work? I was just digging around to find some info on it.

I just got off the phone, and the recall is simply the battery plug, so she's going to send out a pigtail with a yellow plug that's probably going to have a fuse. Good news that the company is still a pleasure to deal with, bad news being that's not going to solve the issue. But just wanted to continue having this info out there. Kid trax / DJG one in the same for a period of time.
By Suburbancharlie77
Totally valid question....
I wasn't P.M'ing him because that doesn't have any level of "notification". I'm hoping he has email notifications active, that way he's "alerted" to the new messages.
He doesn't text or carry a cell.
By Roadmonkeytj
Yea no cell durring the day ... That may be changing though looks as if I'm moving over to maintenance... Cell is mandatory lol. And the email notifications do work but only once I'm home and log into the tablet lol. I do appreciate all the help your giving me on this ... I know it's hard to get ahold of me but the wife does her best to fill me in when I get home lol

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