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This is a tutorial section. find out how motors, relays, flashers, LED's work.
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By blake711
This post is just to explain a few of the functions so you can quickly view new topics and new posts. See the images below and then the description below for each of them.

First this is the main forum page.
NewPosts.jpg (77.01 KiB) Viewed 7538 times
NOTE - click on image for full size view
  • A - This link will take you to a list of topics that have never had a post after the original poster or (OP) started the topic.
  • B - This link will take you to all new topics that you have not read before.
  • C - This is the view new posts this will show you a list of all topics with new posts since your last visit. This is the most valuable of all the links. Use it when you first visit the site to see all new activity since your last visit.
  • D - This link shows you active or Hot Topics.
  • E - Notice the two boxes next to the forum title if they are "GREEN" it means there is new activity in that forum since your last visit.
  • F - The opposite of E above if the boxes are "Dark Grey" There has been no new posts to that forum since your last visit.
  • G - if you hit the small white icon to the right of the users name it will take you to the LAST or most recent post in that forum.
  • H - Use this to reset your status on the forum. This will essentially clear your new posts and unread posts links. All forums will show black boxes next to the names after doing this.

Next the View New Posts Page
NewPostsview.jpg (85.39 KiB) Viewed 7538 times
  • A - This is one of the best tools on the forum. After you select New Posts on the first page. Use the small icon to the left of the topic name to take you to the first unread post since you visited last time. So if there are 10 posts in a topic and you have read the first 5 it will take you to number 6. The old forum didn't have this feature.
  • B - Same as on the main page if you hit this icon to the right of the users name who posted last in the topic. It will take you to the last post in that topic.
  • Also note if you click the topic name it will take you to the first post in that topic.
If you have questions on navigating the forum just ask. Hopefully this will help you browse faster and more efficiently.

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