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ok ive discussed my method with a few people recently so i thought id throw it out on its own post,
First off let me say a few safety things for those of you unfamiliar with this product.
2.there are fumes you need to be in a VENTILATED area
3. it really burns in the eyes! ;) trust me i know :lol:
4>it dries out your skin and with prolonged exposure can cause a burning sensation
5. rubber gloves melt when exposed to it
That all being said I have worked with this stuff for over 25 years and here is what i have learned concerning stripping paint and crud from BPRO's
I have never gotten a very chalky power wheel believe it or not (possibly due to climate and inside storage) when used on slighty chalky stuff I use the carb cleaner to wet the plastic and a spot on the rag and wipe it immediately, marks and grease are removed, the rag will come away with grit on it the same color as the plastic and the plastic regains an even color. Thats not to say its perfect it wont have a shine like new. but i do believe the plastic is softened a bit and has a good texture to hold the paint. my paint process is as follows- a primer coat of Krylon fusion gloss white no matter what color im gonna paint.the fusion sticks to the plastic so then I can use any enamel paint after that. Then my top coat of paint, i let the primer dry for maybe 15 mins sometimes i can still see wet patches when i start to paint. I start with all the odd angles and hard spots to get the paint into then go back for the large area with a light coat. after a full circle i immediately go around again until i have decent coverage. I then let it dry a bit to prevent krinkle but less than an hour and give it the last coat. here is my most recent paint job as an example
photo (13).JPG
the donor, it looks decent in this pic but had a slightly rough feel to it and didnt shine much
photo (13).JPG (120.37 KiB) Viewed 2181 times
photo (29).JPG
I should have taken the picture before i cleaned it, the body had a lot of black rub marks and discolored spots you can see the slight shine that has returned to the body
photo (29).JPG (79.69 KiB) Viewed 2181 times
then a coating of krylon fusion gloss white
photo.JPG (70.19 KiB) Viewed 2181 times
photo (10).JPG
the final appearance
photo (10).JPG (100.71 KiB) Viewed 2181 times

Good day! I'm new to modding - actually I'm just restoring a Kid Trax Dodge Charger Police Car (the earlier model with the Dodge logo stickers). I have some pretty nasty grime on the white doors and I'm curious if you think the Carb Cleaner would work on it. I've upped the contrast quite a bit to make it visible in the picture. I actually thought of it myself but haven't tried it yet. I'm running out of time and these are the last pieces I need to finish. Thanks for your help!
dirty.jpg (382.14 KiB) Viewed 1633 times

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