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By cesarm
I am about to start on a jeep hurricane paint and lights but i have not decided if i should do paint or give a try with plastic dip? has any one from here tried it? thanks in advance!
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By uberDoward
Funny you should ask...
Painted with a few cans (3-4, I think it was) of Black and 2 cans of Lime Green!

Still need to do the rubberized underbody coating on it.

I will say that in the F150's case, the tailgate rubs the plasti-dip off where it contacts the body when open. I'll be adding tailgate supports for it at some point in the future :)
By zeus0909
I have some experience using plastidip on my quad. I think it is great stuff and am happy with it but it wont last in high wear/friction areas. it will start to pull away from the surface material
By atxmember
I plasti dipped my son's C7 corvette. The black goes on great. Some of the white does not spray well and takes few more coats. He is just learning to drive and hit a parked car and it scuffed the side but nothing came off. On another corner he hit something pretty good and it "tore" a dime size of the dip off but was easy to spray over again. He has to climb in and out of it (no doors) and it has done fine. I personally like the look it gives it over paint. Kind of a matt finish. Hope this helps

By lowtone2977
I have used it for several projects, dune racer, jeep, and love it. Just be sure to watch the humidity when spraying and the type of paint you use on top is important
.. kylie fusion seems the best. I have had problems with rustolem with wrinkling I believe due to the thickness and set time you need for it.
If your having problems with it pulling away from the surface then sand well, primer with a good primer, not the 90 cent walmart brand, sand again with 400 and then spray, after that do about 3 coats with krylon fusion and you should have no problems.. one thing to note on this, if you make a mistake, like a run, your screwed with thus, lol you'll have to sand and start over as this method sticks to the surface so well there is no peeling off.
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By sall
On some accent pieces, but not a whole body. On the RC one I am working on now I coated the entire body with spray on truck bed coating.
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